New Purchases + Aqua Cool Swatch

I’ve been keeping my nail varnish purchases to a minimum of late.  I wasn’t officially on a ‘no-buy’ but I wanted to utilise all the colours that I already owned and I think I’m very close to achieving that.  So what better way to treat myself than to purchase some more!

From left to right: Revlon – Popular, Rimmel – Aqua Cool, Rimmel – Instyle Coral, Rimmel – Bright Back At You

Needless to say, a lot of them are from Rimmel.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but one minute I’ll love every shade a brand puts out and then the next, the colours wont excite me at all. So for now at least Rimmel is ticking a lot of boxes.

Instyle Coral is one of the best corals I’ve seen, so I had pick that up and Bright Back At You is a wonderful spearmint green.  Revlon – Popular is a milky base with silver hexes.  It sort of reminds me of a new varnish that I’m making…yes, Nail Luxxe Nail Varnish is very much still happening.

Aqua Cool is absolutely beautiful. It’s a buttery smooth cornflower blue, which is like no other…


I love it so much that I want to wear it all week, that’s how amazing it is!

Rimmel Aqua Cool, Blue Nails

Have you got any brands that you can’t get enough of?


20 responses to “New Purchases + Aqua Cool Swatch

  1. Nice choices!!! Instyle coral is perfect for the season and that cornflower blue is amazingly bright, I have nothing like this!! (put into my list) eheh
    Yes, I have my heart brand, in fact I often buy Avon nail polishes for work but lately I’ve discovered a little brand while I was in the station in Neaples. It is called Lillalab and their nail polishes cost 2,90 euros! Everytime I pass an exam I buy one as a gift, they are like candies…you know what I mean… 🙂
    (there’s a sneak peek picture on my twitter profile, it’s cute)!!!

    P.s: So Nail Luxxe nail polishes are almost here? Let me know, I like to talk about indies!!! ^o^
    Have a great day

    • Aqua Cool is so perfect. Trust me, you’ll love it! 🙂
      That’s such a clever way to reward yourself after harsh exams with a little pot of pretty polish! I had a look at the pic on twitter and its so sweet especially because of the cute cat! It’s always nice to discover new brands, it brings all the excitement back to shopping. I like the Lillalab bottle and logo, it looks fun!

      Yes, NL polish will be here soon, but don’t worry I will keep you updated for sure!

  2. oh your nails are so lovely, you made me buy that blue lol…….but i really want to see other swatches ! and CONGRATS for your nail varnish line 🙂

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    • So funny, that’s the complete opposite for me – I’ve never tried Orly. They look gorgeous though and seem like the quality is very good. Rimmel is more a colour thing.

  4. The drugstore near me always has sales on Revlon. Plus they have a great color variety and selection. Their new “brilliant strength” (something like that, anyway) range has gorgeous, strong shades. I think I must own an entire Helmer drawer of only Revlon, yikes!

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