Rimmel Instyle Coral + Luxxe Appeal

From my recent purchases I decided to wear Instyle Coral. When it comes to coral shades I’m always a bit wary because they tend to border on the pinky side and I prefer more of an peach based coral.  That’s why I was so happy to have found this little number.

Instyle Coral Swatch Rimmel Coral Nails

Out of the two photos, I would say that the one below best depicts its colour, but it does look different in different lighting – it’s not just my photography skills 😛 – in very bright light it looks pinker but generally it looks peachy.

Instyle Coral sWATCH rimmel coral nails

On first glance it seemed like a creme base, so I was surprised to find that it was streaky and difficult to get even coverage.  In fact it was more like using a creme jelly (I refuse to use the word ‘crelly’ lol I hate the way it sounds!)  I had to use three coats which was a bit annoying because that added to the drying time.  I added clear nail varnish to add the rhinestones to my nail and sealed with a top coat.

Luxxe AppealInstyle Coral Rimmel
Instyle Coral didn’t quite make it to Luxxe Appeal status. Such a shame because I LOVE the colour! I’ve been searching for this shade forever, so it was disappointing that the application wasn’t a smoother process. BUT I can’t deny how pretty it looks and the fact that it’s a creme jelly means that it leaves a wonderfully shiny finish!

11 responses to “Rimmel Instyle Coral + Luxxe Appeal

  1. Another loving the stones and I adore the colour! I am a huge fan of pinks and corals 😀 Once I get my current blue with pinky bits off I am totally going for the above colour and rhinestones 😀

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