Mavala Oil Seal Dryer

My cuticles weren’t in the best condition, so I was thrilled to try out Mavala’s Oil Seal Dryer

Mavala’s Oil Seal Dryer adds a protective layer to a complete manicure, whilst nourishing cuticles too.  It dries instantly and protects nails from light scratches and bed sheet marks –  aka a nailista’s worst nightmare – as well as locking in colour to extend wear time.   So, of course the second I changed my manicure, I whipped this out to see what it could do.

Mavala Oil Dryer Review Cuticle Oil

After the top coat was dry I brushed on the Oil Seal Dryer to the whole nail, letting it touch my cuticles and I fell in love straight away!  It absorbed really quickly, didn’t leave an oily residue and restored moisture to my cuticles.  Most importantly, it didn’t mess up my top coat! It actually left a super silky feeling on the nail, which I could touch because it dried instantly.

My cuticles looked so good afterwards that I decided to apply it twice a day as a some sort of cuticle rehab.  I’ve been using it for just under a week and I can definitely see a difference already.  The skin around my cuticles is less flaky and younger looking – I know that might sound odd for cuticles lol but I have some fine lines by my cuticles that have reduced and I’m quite pleased about that!

Now that my cuticles are healthy again, I’m going to cut back on using it twice a day.  Although, I’m definitely going to apply it after every manicure to maintain the results.

You can buy Mavala‘s Oil Seal Dryer from who have free worldwide delivery!

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  1. ty for this, i am going check out the website…btw i think the link in the post for beautybay not working

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