Do you Indie?

‘Indie-Polish’ Nail varnish produced by independent companies/individuals. Hand blended or lab-made

The USA has dominated the indie market and one estimate is that there are more than 300 independents!*  Following that would probably be Australia who have produced such talents as Emily de Molly and Gloss n Sparkle who are particularly known for their jellies, which are absolutely gorgeous!

For a long while there was a shortage of UK indies, but there’s been a few more popping up recently – YAY!  So I thought I would show you what the UK has to offer.  There is of course A-England (a lab-made indie polish) with its incredible holos, which can be found here.

Pocket Money Polishes

Glitter Babies Pocket Money Polishes

Pocket Money Polishes – Glitter Babies 2

Pocket Money Polishes was created by Charlie.  You may recognise the name from the same-titled blog – Pocket Money Polishes. Glitter Babies 2 (pictured above) can be purchased here and Charlie tells us that there will be a NEW line – The Summer Fun Collection – launching in August!  You can keep up to date with news and re-stock info on the PMP Facebook page.

Tara’s Talons


Tara’s Talons

Tara’s Talons was created by Tara, who makes one off shades and you can even request a custom order! You can check out her shop on etsy here.

Iconic Effect

iconic effect

Iconic Effect

Iconic Effect was created by the duo Kerry and Kelly.  As well as the nail varnish they also sell jewellery which has been made incorporating their creations.  You can see all of that and the indie polish here .

For me, the clear difference between established brands and independent ones, is that independents have a signature style, and tend to be more adventurous with their use of colours, GLITTER and holos.  It’s actually been quite interesting to see some of the established brands mimicking or rather, gaining influence from indies.

Do you like indies? Which are your favourites?

* Source Columbia News Service 

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