NOTD – Glitter Gradient

I just couldn’t resist that Revlon Cloud

I may be a little obsessed with Revlon Cloud, I admit it.  The shade is the perfect egg shell blue with a fabulously opaque finish.


To start, I applied two coats of Revlon Cloud.  Then I painted very thin silver and white stripes at the cuticles and stopped about a third of the way on my nail.   This might be hard to see so here’s a close up:

Blue Glitter Revlon Cloud Blue Nails

Using W7 Glitter I built up a gradient-type effect and added Claire’s Holographic glitter close to my cuticle.  To finish I sealed it with top coat.

Glitter Nail Art, Revlon Cloud

Even though the stripes aren’t that visible, I think they really helped to build depth.  As in, it looks as though there is a lot going on at the cuticle and then the more you move away from the cuticle, it fades into pure blue.

 Blue Glitter Nails, Revlon Cloud Blue Nails

The glitter wasn’t the easiest to capture so apologies for that, but that Claire’s Holographic Glitter has some serious sparkle!  It’s a bit tricky to get the pieces out of the bottle but it is definitely worth it for the twinkly goodness it delivers.  You can see the video I did of it here on another Glitter Manicure – just try not to laugh at the intro 😛

Blue Glitter Revlon Cloud Blue Nails

Glitter gradients on soft colours is such a pretty combination.  I think this would look awesome on stiletto nails (my guilty pleasure) too.  There’s something about the contrast of stiletto nails, which look tough/edgy, and super delicate shades that I love!

Hope you like it!


21 responses to “NOTD – Glitter Gradient

  1. Gorgeous! How do I NOT own this? I have an entire Helmer drawer of Revlon. Is Cloud in the classic triangle bottle or one of the newer bottle shapes?

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