NOTD – Sally Hansen Plum Power

Sally Hansen Plum Power Xtreme Wear with Luxxe Appeal

Most of the Sally Hansens in my stash are Complete Salon Manicures apart from a couple randoms and nail care ones (e.g. top coat, cuticle oil etc).  When I came across Plum Power, I was instantly drawn in by the colour and had pretty much decided I was going to purchase it.  Then I realised it was a Sally Hansen and that padlocked and cemented my decision.

Plum Power Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

This range is called Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear.  To be honest I’m a bit of a skeptic when a product makes a claim other than the ordinary.  I simply give it a go and if it lives up to those claims then its a bonus.  So I thought this would be the perfect item to test out for Luxxe Appeal.

The brush was nothing like the Complete Salon Manicure range: it was much thinner and longer.  I found it to be easy to use, especially around the cuticles.  The coats applied more or less evenly and what you see is two coats of colour.  Hoorah! The dreaded third coat is totally avoided here.

Plum Power Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Luxxe

So does it have Luxxe Appeal? Let’s find out:

Luxxe Appeal

Plum Power Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

With 24/25 Sally Hansen Plum Power has certified Luxxe Appeal!  Not only was the application quick and easy, but the drying time and professional looking AND lasting finish were suitably impressive.  It seems the Xtreme Wear manages to make up for some of the consistency issues of the Complete Salon Manicure, which usually requires a third coat.  This would do great as a 7 day manicure too!

26 responses to “NOTD – Sally Hansen Plum Power

    • It’s nice right? 😛 This is with Revlon Quick Dry top coat. But it did dry very smoothly on its own which I think made it a good base for the top coat to look extra glossy

    • Cool! I love it when we have the same nail varnishes! 😀 I think these apply really really well so I’m more than pleased with them. Which other colours would you recommend?

    • Yay another Plum Power owner! 😀 This one’s made me curious about others in the range. Don’t like the sound of chipping though I found this one to last really well. Thank you for the heads up. I’ll be more cautious before buying out the whole collection 😛

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