NOTD – Nude French Twist

Hey everyone! I hope your week is going well

After I tried out these nails I couldn’t help but experiment with other colours.  For this look I used Barry M’s Lychee which is a gel-type varnish that’s a wonderful, creamy nude.  I absolutely love this shade and felt it had been a bit neglected over in my stash, so it made the perfect base for the french twist.

French Manicure Designs

Today I did some research for Autumn/Winter trends and metallic will definitely be in there, but the way in which it’s interpreted will be quite interesting.  I decided to do metallic tips and make them thin a la my previous french twist, using a sliver of Revlon’s Silver Screen and finishing with top coat.

The possibilities really are endless with this look and I’m glad I tried it out at both extremities – high-impact fun vs subdued and understated.

19 responses to “NOTD – Nude French Twist

    • Thank you! Agreed 😀 … had a bit of an issue with drying time but I feel the result is definitely worth the wait! Need to stock up on some of the newer colours – they’re so pretty – and seems like a decent alternative to a gel mani (looks wise)

      • Definitely!! I might have just accidentally bought all of them :-/ well, I had to complete the set! They are really shiny. The only thing did do with some of them was put a teeny bit of thinner in as they formula was just a little too thick. Some are almost 1 coaters though and are good for stamping (if you’re so inclined lol!). I do hope they bring out some new ones for autumn/winter 🙂

        • What a happy ‘accident’ 😛 Thanks for the thinner tip …Omgosh a big yes to Autumn/Winter colours! Can you imagine? They would be gorgeous, you have me really hoping they do! 😀

  1. This is incredibly sophisticated! At times, the french (mani) look can seem passe, with the ubiquitous pink&whites, but this looks super gorgeous.

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