NOTD – Half moon

Some time ago I purchased nail art brushes in the hope that I would be able to create all sorts of nail art.  Unfortunately,  it didn’t quite work out like that.  Using a brush is a completely different ball game, nothing like just using a pen to write your name (which I naively thought).  So I left them in my nail bag and would think about them from time to time, but barely ever touched them.

Orange Halfmoon Mani

I decided it was time to bite the bullet, get out my nail brushes, and by hook or by crook I would create a manicure using at least one brush!  Whilst talking to Kitsu about other Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear colours, she pointed out two shades which I loved and thought would look great together as a half moon mani…I remembered the conversation and thought that I would do a freehand half moon mani (that’s how my mind works!) and this was the result.

I used Coral Rose by H&M which is a very deep Orange with Barry M’s Gold Foil to do the half moons and dots.  I practiced painting halfmoons on a piece of paper first to try and get the motion and how to hold the brush just right.  It’s not as neat as if I had used guides but I hope to improve my brush work some day!


10 responses to “NOTD – Half moon

  1. I think these look great! I’ve wanted to try half moons, but I don’t have brushes and I think my freehand would not look this good! I didn’t think of trying them on paper first, so thank you for the tip!!

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