How to Paint White Nails

White nails – perfect for any time of year and especially on trend this Summer!  I absolutely love the look of sleek white nails, but the application isn’t always smooth sailing. So I’ve devised a way that makes the process that much easier

  • First off, you need to pick a good quality white varnish.  This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, but it should be a varnish that is opaque in two coats (and not too thick)
  • Next, you’ll need a base coat to ensure the white will apply evenly and not show up any ridges on the nail
  • White nail varnish is notorious for taking a long time to dry.  So make sure you set aside a few extra minutes and have a quick dry top coat to finish the look

White Nails

Step 1:

Place your white nail varnish in a cup of warm water (from the tap) for about 20 seconds.  This should loosen up the formula making it easier to apply whilst preventing the liquid from forming bubbles if you were to shake the bottle

Step 2:

Apply one or two coats of base coat and wait for it to dry.  I recommend two, as this builds up an even layer for the white to bind to, reducing ‘streakyness’  and the need to paint over the same area

Step 3:

Apply your first coat of white nail varnish taking care not to go over the same spot too many times.  Apply one stroke down the centre, one to the left, one to the right and if you really need to you can add another stroke down the centre again to even it out

Step 4:

Before painting the second coat of white, make sure that the first coat is dry.  This is a crucial step because bubbles will often form when the first layer is not dry enough.  So you might want to wait an extra 3 mins than usual.  Paint the second coat and make sure to seal the free edge, which should reduce tip wear

Step 5:

Again, wait til the previous coat is completely dry.  You can even place your hands under cold water to be doubly sure.  Then paint on a layer of quick dry top coat to protect your newly white nails

Additional tip:

  • The following day, you can apply another layer of top coat  to help guard against chips

White Nails

28 responses to “How to Paint White Nails

    • Yes, white is a VERY tricky colour to paint, which is why I had to find a way around it! If your lilac is thin you may just have to use a third coat or apply a similar colour as a base to bulk out the colour

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  2. I am going on holiday to Batcelona next week and was wondering if you could reccomend a nail colour for me please? I like reds and pinks most but im happy to try something new. X

    • Lucky girl! I hear Barcelona is amazing! 🙂 Well there’s lots you could try, if you want to stick with pinks something bright like Mavala – Bali would be good, or actually Essie – Bottle Service. Rimmel Instyle Coral might be a nice switch from Pinks and Reds…White will really show off a tan as well as Purples like Essie – DJ Play that Song/ China Glaze – Are You Jelly

  3. I’ve never thought to put the bottle in a cup of warm water before. That’s a brilliant idea! I’m going to try it before I do my next manicure with white! Thanks for the tip!

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