Essie – Beach Bum Blu + Luxxe Appeal

Essie Beach Bum Blu – what a great name!

From my recent haul, you will have seen that Essie Beach Bum Blu made its way into my stash.  It is a beautiful mid tone blue with silver pearlescence, which shimmers wonderfully in its bottle.  So I was excited to get this on before the Summer disappears!

As with most Essies, Beach Bum Blu required three coats to get even coverage.  The brush is very slim, but this wasn’t a problem during the application process at all.  I was able to guide the brush perfectly around my cuticles with ease.  The drying time was equally as impressive.  Considering that there was an additional coat, I didn’t feel I had to wait long at all for it to dry.  But, I did notice that even with a third coat, there were a few bald spots.

The colour matched the bottle although, it didn’t glimmer as much on my nails as it did in the bottle.  This may be due to the fact that its pearlescence only involves one colour (silver) so once it sparkles from blue to silver, that’s about it.  The glass of the bottle might be what provides the extra twinkle.

Essie Beach Bum Blu

I applied a base coat, three coats of Beach Bum Blu and a top coat.  The resulting colour was very striking and reminded me of a mermaid’s tail (if that makes any sense lol). However, it almost seemed to eat through the topcoat!  So the overall manicure didn’t have the super glossy finish that I am used to.

So onto the important question, does Beach Bum Blu have Luxxe Appeal?

Beach Bum Blu
Scoring just 18, Essie Beach Bum Blu didn’t reach certified Luxxe Appeal status.  I so wanted it to perform better because I was excited to try something new.  It is a gorgeous colour to look at for all its glimmer and shine but unfortunately, that doesn’t transition onto the nails well and the mysterious eating of the topcoat was strange!  Lovely colour, just not what I was expecting.

18 responses to “Essie – Beach Bum Blu + Luxxe Appeal

  1. The one thing that always annoys me about Essie is that it takes three coats to get good coverage. Personally, it’s one of my favorite nail brands though – sorry it wasn’t all that you expected :/

    • I think it’s just this shade to be honest because usually three coats works just fine with the rest. Don’t worry I’m still very much an Essie fan too 😀

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