The woes of changing nail shape

To change nail shape or not to change shape, that is the question

Being the nailista that I am, everything fascinates me about nails – including the shape.   My nails naturally grow square/squoval and I’ve only changed the shape once to oval. I liked the way they looked in photographs but for some reason in real life they sort of bugged me, so after a couple of weeks I switched back.

As trivial as it may sound, I was actually scared to change my nail shape.  I know.  The main worries that kept circling my head were: messing it up and not being able to salvage the look easily.  Well all that worrying was quite unnecessary really, because returning back to square/squoval nails is easy peasy – you just snip off the tips!

I’ve made it no secret that I’m partial to stiletto nails and even have a board dedicated to them on Pinterest.  Having looked through thousands of photos, I pinpointed the exact shape and length that I’d like to try for myself.  A super long length with pointed tips would be impractical and would probably freak out everyone I know.  At this point I realised that the shape I was after was in fact Almond – a style worn by the Hollywood greats long before Gaga-esq nails came onto the scene.

Almond Nails Diana Dors

Almond Nails on the beautiful Diana Dors

To get a good almond shape you have to have LONG nails. For some reason I didn’t realise just how long they would have to be, but in order to taper them off to a point there needs to be a decent amount of length to play around with. Even though they wont look that long when completed.

They’re not perfectly shaped as it was the first time I did them, but in a week I should be able to file them just right.  So if you haven’t guessed by now Nail Luxxe has a new nail shape lol which I will unveil to you soon…


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