Heart Nail Art

Heart nail art. I promise I didn’t make it rhyme on purpose

Hey everyone!  I hope your start to the week has been a good one

Having changed my nail shape, I wondered how my approach to nail art would also change.  At first I thought nail art would take a back seat and that there’d be lots more swatches on the blog, but I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I was wrong. My new nail shape has actually made me want to experiment more!  I thought about how I could really use the shape to its fullest and then I remembered a conversation I had with CraftyNail about Kelly Osbourne’s nails, where she sported heart nail art on a couple of occasions.

Heart Nail Art Almond Nails Nail Luxxe

I started with a base coat, a coat of Princess Pink by Rimmel to get the exposed nail looking as neat as possible and then began painting on the hearts with Revlon’s Vixen.  Painting the new nail shape feels really odd, sealing the free edge is so strange on a curved edge and I felt some sort of loss for the missing corners*sad face* lol

Above it looks almost black, but Revlon Vixen is a deliciously decant burgundy and with a good top coat the shine is phenomenal! This is a pic of it with the flash so you can see the colour profile:

Heart Nail Art Revlon Vixen

You know when I said that I was conscious about using bright colours…well that’s sort of gone out of the window too lol.  I tested the same design using Sinful Colours Pink which is a seriously intense neon pink!  I only wore it for a day and didn’t really venture outside with it.  My camera is useless at capturing neons but here’s a very teeny sneak peek of it:

Neon Heart Nail Art Almond Nails

I’m quite fond of this heart nail art and I’m happy I got to try it out. You can also paint the hearts lower down the nails where it’s just on the very tips, so I might try that out as an accent nail in future!


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