Freehand Nail Art Mini Post

I wanted to practice some freehand nail art again.  For this look I used Revlon Charming (Lilac), Rimmel Bright Back At You (Turqouise Green) and Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty (Pastel Yellow).  The colour palette reminds me of a similar manicure that I did, but it didn’t make it into The Same but Different category.

Revlon Charming, Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty

I painted three coats of Yellow Kitty on the first three fingers and two coats of Revlon Charming on my thumb and little finger.  I used the brush of each nail varnish to complete most of the patterns.  The half moon was done using a nail art brush.  The only nail I cheated on was the thumb, where I pulled out my trusty striping tape to get a clean edge on the triangle, but I ended up smudging it a little so I suppose that served me right 😛

Almond Nails - Revlon Charming, Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty


12 responses to “Freehand Nail Art Mini Post

  1. stunning. I like this one a lot. I feel its the simple things that come out the best. i still have not learned that rule as I just keep piling on glitter and things

  2. Very nice! They just radiate with a great energy. Just made me smile. I think I’ll do some freehand painting tonight too because I just destroyed one painted nail by using tape… Next try…

    • I’m happy they made you smile. Thank you for letting me know. The tape can be fussy at times, I find that removing it when the layer you paint on top is still wet helps.

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