Smokey Gradient

Today’s nails are a smokey gradient which reminds me of my first gradient manicure.  For this manicure I used Essie Waltz for the base, Sally Hansen Dorian Grey and a darker charcoal grey.

Waltz is a translucent, milky white.  Three coats were needed to get even coverage, but not opacity.  In my opinion that’s just fine with this particular colour because I wanted to keep some level of transparency to soften the design.

Marble Nail Art Nail Luxxe

I used a makeup sponge to dab Dorian Grey by Sally Hansen onto the base colour.  I started dabbing the nail at the tip and worked my way towards the centre. I had to do this four or five times to create the right blend.  Then I used a darker charcoal grey and dabbed the tip of the nail.  I realised that this wouldn’t make the tips as dark as I wanted them to be, so I actually painted the top millimeter of the nail with the charcoal grey and then dabbed later it with the charcoal grey a couple of times.

Marble Nail Art Marble Effect Nails byNail Luxxe

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome!   Even though I expected Waltz to look whiter, the very sheer pink effect actually matches the grey really well, and the soft blend makes me think of cashmere. I applied one coat of top coat and missed a bit on one of my nails, so I applied another coat.  I noticed that the second coat added a glossy shine similar to a gel manicure. So from now on, I’ll be adding two layers of top coats to my gradients.

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