Nude Beige & Champagne: A Perfect Match

Models Own Nude Beige & Champagne

Without question, Nude Beige is my favourite colour by Models Own.  That’s a pretty bold statement, I know but it’s a fabulous opaque mink shade that creates an instantly chic set of nails with the glide of a brush.  Now, when you add Champagne (also made by Models Own) to the mix, you’ve got a match made in heaven!  I’ve used this combo before to create an accent nail manicure so this qualifies for The Same but Different category.

Models Own Nude Beige & Champagne

I applied one coat of Champagne over a base coat and waited for it to dry.  Elise from Maiden Aunt Advice and I were talking about Champagne nail varnishes the other day.  I’m not quite sure if they’re classed as a glitter or whether ‘champagne’ types have created their own kind of finish but either way, they sparkle which can never be a bad thing!  Then I painted two coats of Nude Beige over Champagne, leaving a border of approx half of an inch, finally finishing with top coat.

I hope you like it!  Have a great rest of the weekend! NL xoxo

Model Own Champagne Nude Beige Nail Luxxe


14 responses to “Nude Beige & Champagne: A Perfect Match

  1. NICE nail look! Stunning with your new nail shape. I think Champagne can range from a metallic to a shimmer to a full out box-of-rocks glitter.

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