Matte Blue & Silver

I’m very excited about all the Autumn/Winter trends this season, but the sudden change of warm and sunny weather has halted my use of dark colours for now.  Instead I decided to go for a soft, matte look using my favourite blue of the moment – Revlon Cloud – and Revlon Silver Screen.

Matte Blue NailsI applied two coats of Revlon Cloud and on the ring finger I added a diagonal striped design with Silver Screen and striping tape.  To mattify and smooth everything out I added Rimmel’s Matte Top Coat.  With a matte finish, Cloud becomes almost powdery and the dulled Silver Screen brings out grey tones which compliment the pillowy-soft blue beautifully.

This look manages to work for this odd time of year, where it doesn’t quite feel like Autumn and yet Summer is pretty much behind us.  Although, I can also picture myself wearing something like this in Winter, with a big fluffy jumper on, so I can see how neutral tones have made it onto the trend list and it’ll be fun to mix between neutral and dark colours.


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