Essie Bahama Mama – A Top A/W shade

For today’s nails, I bring you one of the best A/W shades: Essie Bahama Mama.  It is the perfect warm plum colour, bordering on the pink/red hues as opposed to the purple-y type of plum.

Essie Bahama Mama Swatch

It may be from a previous collection, but Essie Bahama Mama is well worthy of wear this Autumn/Winter.  If you’re a fan of dark colours or are looking to experiment, then definitely add this one to your stash!

What impressed me most about Essie Bahama Mama was the incredible high quality finish. Before I had even put on a top coat, it was glistening away with a super smooth texture and glossy surface.  With this shade, you really did feel as though the price was justified and could have cost a bit more to be honest!

Bahama Mama Essie Nail Polish

For the first time, I ended up applying 2 ‘and a bit’ coats of colour.  There were a couple of bald spots (areas where the colour looked lighter) but rather than painting on a full 3rd coat, I simply went back and painted over the spots.  I’d never done this before because usually it’s difficult to get the new coat to merge cleanly with the layer underneath.  However, this did just that.  I was able to fill in the bald spots and the nail looked as though a fresh full layer had been applied.

This shade was on my wishlist for some time. Having purchased it and now worn it, Bahama Mama certainly didn’t disappoint!


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