5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Glass Nail File

Glass Nail File/Crystal Nail File – Made from specially hardened glass, the abrasive surface is made from crystal particles

I would always see glass nail files in beauty shops blinged out to the max with Swarovski elements, rhinestones and other embellishments on them and thought they were purely a fashion thing.  I was wrong.  Glass nail files have some pretty incredible benefits that go way beyond how they look:

1. Prevents splits and breakage

Emery boards and steel files are quite rough, often leaving jagged edges.  A glass nail file smooths and seals the freshly filed edges, which reduces nails’ susceptibility to splits and peeling, which is all key to growing your nails.

2. Doesn’t dull over time

Glass nail files last significantly longer than emery boards.  The way in which they are manufactured – acid/permanently etched – means that they will never wear down. In fact, theoretically they will never need to be replaced, leading some brands to offer a lifetime guarantee.

3. Hygiene

Unlike an emery board which should never be in contact with water, glass nail files can be rinsed in hot water, washed in soapy water and sterilised.  Being able to clean the file gets rid of bacteria and reduces the chances of nail infections.

4.  Longevity

Glass nail files will not corrode or rot.  In comparison, emery boards are porous and can absorb water and bacteria.

5. Efficiency

The finer surface of a glass nail file allows filing to be more precise, which makes targeting specific areas easier.  The filing and smoothing effect is achieved in one process which also saves time.

Glass Nail File

The only down side is that because they are made of glass, they can break if dropped.  They are made of safety glass so they won’t shatter into a million pieces, simply crack.  So in regards to breakage, a glass nail file should be stored and handled more carefully.

I got a mini one locally today, just to give it a bit of a test drive and see what I thought.  I was very impressed with how effective it was at filing down the parts I wanted gone and the smooth finish around my nail was definitely noticeable.  I would usually use a buffer on the finest grade to do this, but the glass nail file eliminated that step!

Photo Source: http://www.blushcosmetics.com/


My recommendation: If you’re looking for a specific brand, then I would recommend Mont Bleu. Their files are hand crafted and made from tempered Czech glass ensuring quality and longevity.

40 responses to “5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Glass Nail File

  1. I got my glass nail file a couple of years ago and never looked back! Just the thought of using a normal emery board now has the ‘nails down a chalkboard’ effect on me!

  2. I bought a Revlon glass file a while back, and it only lasted a couple times before it dulled and I had to wash it. Only problem is that it’s permanently dull now! After spending ten bucks on that one I feel it’s too expensive to buy a better one:$

    • So sorry to hear you had such a bad experience! I haven’t used that one but a quick search of it on Makeup Alley shows it doesn’t have the greatest reviews…. I know you’ve been burned so to speak, but if you do ever want to try them again have a little look on Makeup Alley for the ones people love 🙂

    • I’ve had a Revlon one too, I don’t understand how it happened, but mine was permanently dulled after just a couple of uses, too. (but, my nails are not as hard as glass!) – but I’ve been using a Mont Bleu one for months, and it hasn’t dulled or anything, so you could try them 🙂

    • Awesome! I only got mine today so it’s too early for me to make a personal recommendation. Although, Makeup Alley is a good place to check out reviews on glass nail files – there’s a few on there with really high ratings

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  4. I bought a glass file well over a year ago and haven’t looked back either! Although I keep an emery board in my handbag for emergencies, I much prefer the finish I get when I use the glass file – no snags at all! I shopped around on BeautyBay and have a Ciate one.

    • Hi Keely, I’m so glad you’re happily set up with your glass nail file. No snagging in itself is a huge improvement, all those snags is what can take a nail clean off! I’m the same I love the smooth finish achieved with a glass file and I’m sure your nails are much healthier after the switch

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  9. The ones that I keep coming back to are the Cheeky glass nails files on Amazon. I LOVE them. Prior to that one, I had an OPI one and a Sassella one, they were both great but I dropped them 😦 I’ve found that you REALLY have to be careful about the ones you buy in stores, they usually have the texture applied on the file not etched in to it, meaning it’ll wear down in few files :-/ Haven’t seen any Mont Bleu files around but good to know! I’m surprised more people don’t use glass files, I don’t even cut my nails anymore because it’s easier and more gentle to file them.

    • You’re completely right, a lot of people don’t know the real benefits of them (including myself at one time!) and how much easier they make a nail care regime. The unbranded ones in store are a bit of a gamble as to whether they work, which is a shame because a good one is worth the switch!

  10. AI too purchased a revon glass manicure file and after a couple of uses its not even filing!!! It’s going back. $13.00 !

    • Seems Revlon’s aren’t getting the best reviews – I mean it should at least file lol! Don’t give up on all glass nail files though, when you get a good one you instantly see what the hype is about. It should definitely should go back and check out Mont Bleu

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