Revlon – Spanish Moss + Luxxe Appeal

Revlon Spanish Moss – It’s shades like this that make me question how I used to dislike green

Revlon Spanish Moss is a beautiful khaki creme with feint champagne shimmer running through it.  There’s a great contrast between the tough edged military green and the subtle hint of sparkle.  I think Spanish Moss would work well as one of those transition colours from day to night and equally as well for the Autumnal season.

REVLON spanish Moss Swatch

I’d never thought to try any of the Revlon ColourStay range.  The bottle shape is completely different to standard Revlons so I never really noticed them.  It was only when BeHappyandBuyPolish did a review on them that I decided to pay them any attention…and boy am I glad I did!  Spanish Moss looks so much better in real life than I thought it would.

spanish moss revlon swatch

Luxxe Appeal

I have to start by saying that I felt I had to adopt a technique when using this varnish – my standard application didn’t seem to work.  I had to wipe off excess varnish to the point where there was virtually zero varnish on the brush so that it wouldn’t flood my cuticles and at one point drip all down my hand!  This also dried better with thinner than average coats.  Once I worked that out, everything went smooth from then* Luxxe Appeal has been scored based on when I changed my application style

The consistency was slightly runnier than other nail varnishes, but I was able to get an almost streak free first coat.  By the second coat full opacity was achieved and the little glimmer of sparkle started to appear…but does it have Luxxe Appeal? Let’s find out:

revlon spanish luxxe appeal

Scoring 21/25 Spanish Moss has got Luxxe Appeal!  More than anything, I feel that the colour is it’s greatest attribute.  Usually you’d have to seek out a non high street brand to get such a well thought out shade. It was only towards the end of last year that I came around to liking green nail varnish and Spanish Moss makes the perfect advocate for it.

Luxxe Appeal is all about how well the actual formula performs.  Although, I want to point out that the ColourStay range is more expensive than standard Revlons and I’m not sure that that is justified.  I would recommend these more as an option when buying a shade that you absolutely CANNOT live without…which happens from time to time 🙂


14 responses to “Revlon – Spanish Moss + Luxxe Appeal

  1. I too had issues with this line of polish… I have about 10 total (including Spanish Moss) and while they are gorgeous you really do have to practice your application a few times before finally getting it right. Once you do get it right, however, it looks pretty awesome.

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  3. I have about…a bazillion Revlon polishes, including from the ColorStay range; I love these so much! I like the thinner, more “runny” consistency, but that’s just me.
    If you live in the US, these often go on sale at CVS or Rite Aid for the same price as the standard Revlon polish, just FYI.

    • I’m usually fine with standard Revlons but it took some getting used to with the ColourStay. Can’t deny that it looked great once I got the hang of it though!

      You guys are so lucky stateside! 🙂 They’re about $13 equivalent over here

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