Mavala Red Crystal – My Favourite Red

When I discovered that red nail varnish would be one of this season’s trends I was filled with mixed emotions.  On the hands of others red looked wonderfully feminine and sophisticated, on me…well, not so much.  I could never find the right shade, so red was always a colour I shied away from.  I could wear it on my toes, no problem, but not on my fingernails.

Normally the closest I could get to wearing red would be to paint my nails with shades of Oxblood, Maroon or Burgundy, which doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing red at all.  Then I found Mavala’s Red Crystal…

Red Crystal Mavala

At first, I expected it to be more of a Oxblood colour, but as you can see it’s quite red – not a true red, not maroon, but a incredible middle point between the two, which Mavala describes as a “deep cherry red”.  Long time readers will know that Mavala can basically do no wrong in my eyes, and as ever the application was faultless and it left a beautiful gloss finish even before the top coat.

RED Crystal Mavala

I don’t see myself wearing red that often, more for the odd occasion, but at least with Red Crystal I’ll have the option to. Red is such a classic colour both for lipsticks and nails.  They say every girl should have a great red so I’m very pleased to finally have mine 🙂

Do you like wearing red nail varnish? Do you have a favourite red?

12 responses to “Mavala Red Crystal – My Favourite Red

    • Thank you 😀 It’s so nice to be able to wear red after all this time! Great choices with Chili & Hip-Anema. Both of those are vibrant, warm reds which suit you beautifully

    • Nail art took over so much in the last few years that even fashion shows had to up their nail game with more detailed & modern designs. But for this A/W it seems to have relaxed.

      You’re right though, red is the classic of all classics. I’ve always loved it at a distance, but now I can love it a little closer 🙂 You should definitely get out all your reds!

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