Halloween Nails

Finally came round to doing some Halloween nails!

I’d pretty much decided that I was going to do a monochrome design, then after I painted my nails in black and white all these ideas started flooding in.  On the index finger is a nice little polka dot design using Halloween-y colours.  Then I had to do the blood drip nail after I found a perfect tutorial for drip drop nails.

Halloween Nail Art

For the ring finger I wanted to do a spider – obviously very apt for Halloween – but this was the hardest thing ever! “It’s just a spider” I kept telling myself, but that didn’t stop me from having to re-do it more than a couple of times.  I got there in the end…sort of.  Trust me, it looks a lot less crab-like than my previous attempts!

I got the idea to add a clown when Lacquered by Blue Vanilla did a Clown Manicure and said that she found them creepy, to which I completely agreed.  I’ve always found clowns super creepy so this was my tribute to that.

I pretty much used all Barry M’s (White, Raspberry, Gold Foil) apart from Sally Hansen Model Behaviour for the clown’s blue eyes and Nails Inc Tate – for an extra red nose and an Orange by H&M on the polka dots.

Before taking off the Matte Glitter manicure I couldn’t resist trying to add a little touch of Halloween to it:

Matte Glitter Halloween Nail Art

That skull face, stitched face, ‘thing’ was again something that I came across on Pinterest.  I have a Halloween Nail Art & Tutorials board over there with so many ideas and tips if you’re looking for any inspiration.  I’m not sure if I’ll be doing any more designs until the big day but it was a lot more fun than I expected, so we’ll see… 🙂

Have you done your Halloween nails yet?


18 responses to “Halloween Nails

  1. the spider looks absolutely fine!
    *steps back slightly panicky* 😀 and yes, clown: super creepy.
    matte glitter looks like shaped sugar, so the stitched face is totally fab. I think even adding seasonal touch to one nail can look fun and super cool, and of course it’s all about the pick of colour.

    by the way, I recently attempted at creating halloween manis with water based polishes, something I only just started trying. am rather pleased with the results 😉

    • hehe I hope you’re alright now 😀

      Beautiful description of the second set looking like shaped sugar! Thank you. I completely agree, one nail can say it all by highlighting the theme.

      Your water based nail art sounds cool, I’ll have to have take a look!

      • hey yup 🙂 I just hate spiders…. 😀 it doesn’t help to know they’re smaller and more afraid than I.. it’s just the weird movement of those damn eight legs!

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