A Pedicure with Pedi-Sox

Last night I treated myself to an at-home pedicure.  I’m a firm believer in doing your own, especially during the colder months so that your feet can stay pretty all year round.

I have my own pedicure routine but this time I had something new to add to the mix: Pedi-Sox.  Pedi-Sox are a toeless sock that aids the pedicure process.

Pedi-Sox pedicure

I followed all the steps of my regular pedicure and when it got to the painting part, I slathered my feet in foot cream before slipping on the Pedi-Sox.  They really mold to your foot so it’s almost like a second skin.  They didn’t feel loose or irritating.

Pedi-Sox Burgundy

During this time of year, I get cold all the time so it was quite nice to paint my tootsies with the Pedi-Sox on as an added layer of warmth.  I’m also quite funny about materials but the Pedi-Sox were pleasant to wear.

I always advise wearing socks after doing a pedicure so that the moisture can be contained and intensify foot hydration.  This is key to having soft and supple feet, so naturally Pedi-Sox have this covered.  Your whole foot, and most importantly your heel, is covered; keeping your foot totally protected and the moisture sealed in.

Pedi-Sox pedicure

Even walking around in them was comfy too, honestly it’s like wearing a high quality pair of socks, but without the constrictions on the toes!  It’s a good idea to moisturise your feet before bed because your skin absorbs more moisture during sleep.  I don’t really enjoy wearing socks to bed because my toes feel contained but obviously with Pedi-Sox being toeless, there would be none of that.

You can wash Pedi-Sox so they are hygienic and can be used over and over.

Pedi Sox Pedicure

Pedi-Sox definitely added something extra to my pedicure routine.  It felt more professional than me just sticking a pair of regular socks on, and it really was like a comfy treat.  It was easy to paint my toes with them on and generally it felt special.

I chose mine in the Burgundy wine colour but there are 28 colours and styles to choose from! Pedi-Sox are available to purchase in the U.S here (you lucky things!) In the UK they’re stocked in-store at Only Fingers & Toes (Surrey) 0208 544 4141.

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22 responses to “A Pedicure with Pedi-Sox

  1. So cool! I have pedi socks too (my best gal pal knitted them for me) but I had no idea they were a “thing”. I’d never even thought of the idea until she gifted them to me.

    • That’s so awesome that you have your own personalised pair!! 🙂 Your bestie has a great eye for design. I love that they keep your feet nice and warm

  2. hmmm. seriously considering chapping off the tops of random socks now (located in germany).

    P.S. I am not _utterly_ new here 😉 but I think I started following you with my other WP handle as I was running the 20colours blog which is history now 😉

  3. Eh, I find the idea of these just silly (I don’t really wanna say ridiculous).
    I’ve seen them around on blogs all raving about them, but not once really explained (not even on their site) what is it that apparently makes them so special. Any old pair of socks can do that, really.
    ..what am I missing here?? 🙂
    (this coming from a serious, erm, socks enthusiast, lol, I wear them year-round)

    • The major benefit of Pedi-Sox is that you’re able to keep the foot covered whilst the toes are exposed – allowing you to paint toes freely and intensify a moisture treatment at the same time.

      Most socks are not toeless. Plus Pedi-Sox in my experience are very comfortable and the material deals well with a foot that’s covered in foot cream. Putting a heavily moisturised foot into regular socks can feel a bit weird.

      You can do a moisture treatment with regular socks of course, but you’ll have to do it after painting nails and waiting for them to dry, which reduces the treatment time.

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply.
        Yeah, I understand all that, it’s just.. take any available pair, cut of the toes part (forgot to include this in my previous comment; though I thought it was an obvious thing), and there you have it. 🙂

        But yeah, there are stranger things in life than that 🙂

        • Yeah BeautyCalyptique (above) suggested making your own pair, which could be a temporary solution but it’s a lot of faffing around! Pedi-Sox are elasticated near the top, so cutting a regular pair will be loose. These are ready-to-go out the pack (and look pretty hehe couldn’t resist adding that in 😛 )

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