OPI – I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! 😍

I Don’t Give a Rotterdam that I’m absolutely, unashamedly, totally and utterly in love with OPI’s I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!

I was given OPI’s I Don’t Give a Rotterdam as a gift the other day by a family member (who obviously is in my super good books now!).Β  I don’t really keep an up-to-date wishlist because there’s too many beauties that should be in my collection.Β  But, I do have a list that I add to very very rarely.Β  On that list was a swatch of what I think is OPI I Have a Herring Problem.

I dont give a rotterdam OPI

When I was presented with this stunning colour, I couldn’t quite believe that they picked it.Β  I mean getting nail polish as a gift is amazing in itself – it wasn’t even my birthday but a colour that is so similar to one on your wishlist, your extremely selective wishlist was like a dream come true! Okay, a bit OTT but you should have seen my reaction lol


I Don’t Give a Rotterdam is from the 2012 Holland collection.Β  It’s an incredible powder blue with delicate silver and champagne shimmer running through it as well as the odd black speckle.Β  What I have on is 2 and a bit coats (I went back in over any bald spots) and finished with top coat.

OPI Rotterdam Swatch

The shimmer on this is unreal.Β  It dances in any kind of light and the background colour is the perfect shade of blue with full opacity that makes it look like a truly special colour.


I think you can tell from all of the above that I love this colour and will probably be obsessed with it for a long time to come!

13 responses to “OPI – I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! 😍

    • Ah so you have both beauties, lucky girl! πŸ™‚ Now that I’ve seen this on in real life I can only imagine that I Have A Herring Problem is equally stunning in the flesh. May have to finally get it!

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