Negative Space Nails in Blue

Negative Space Nails are back on the scene!

I was looking through some of my old manicures and got a really nostalgic feeling for some of the bolder nail art that I did when I had square/squoval nails.  I think I mentioned this already, but with the almond shape I feel like my nail art needs to be a bit more toned down so that I don’t scare everyone including myself!

Then I came across the first two Negative Space Nails that I did, and remembered how much fun they were to do.  So I grabbed some striping tape and played around with ideas in my head before settling on these.

Blue Negative Space Nails

Apologies about the photography, I’m working on a new plan for taking pics in this pitch black Autumn

On the other two designs, I used striping tape to cover the joining lines, or not at all.  This time I decided to put the tape in the centre of the negative space.  They didn’t much time at all.  I think after you’ve done them a couple of times, it’s easier to map out in your mind which bits you want exposed and which bits you want in polish.

Negative Space Nails

Update: Photo taken following morning with natural light

The shade is Aqua Cool by Rimmel (just in case you were wondering) and it partners really nicely with silver.  I think I want to do a gradient with Aqua Cool and a white or grey at some point.  But for now these are my new Negative Space Nails in Blue 🙂

Also, Congratulations are in order for Valentina & Cat who won the Giveaway!  Thank you to all of those that entered, I really hope to be able to host more in future!


26 responses to “Negative Space Nails in Blue

  1. looks really good! love your sense of colour.

    BTW re sporting the uberstylish new nail shape: is it convenient? are nails more or less prone to breaking? I found squoval to be the most stable shape for me, they really hardly ever broke. round and oval are more at risk with my nails; and I’d love to sport pointy nails esp. for my horror stories readings.

    • Thank you, that’s something I’m trying to work on.

      The shape is work, I can’t lie. It requires lots of maintenance (filing) and because they’re longer than usual, they’re more prone to catching on things.

      I’ve had about 3 breaks and 1 split, which is a lot for me. Though two happened when they were bare and I dropped something onto my hand. The other incidences – I think they got caught.

      I find myself being very cautious with this shape. Much more so than with square/squoval

      • thank you for the comprehensive reply! ❤

        I thought of giving it a try, thinking that my fave nail oil will save me (it has in the past, making nails so strong and smooth, they would only sort of "bend" instead of breaking), but dang they've discontinued it 😦

        • It’s horrible when a product you love gets discontinued!

          If you can remember any of the main ingredients then you could probably make your own. Almond Oil is also very good.

          I would say, just go for it! Sometimes we spend too much time thinking and pre-planning. If a nail breaks, it breaks. It’ll be annoying for a couple of weeks, but it’ll grow. At least you’ll have got to try it 🙂

        • I wrote about it, it was made of just three rather unexpected oils but it was better than anything I’ve had before. ironically, this was the brand’s (talika) less advertised yet most performing product…

          and you’re right, I might just give it a try. need to watch the shape carefully, for example oval nails make my hands looks very old and nasty.
          oh, one more question please 🙂
          would you say starting with squoval and then filethe lenghths into spikes is a way to go? or file into shape right away, what works best?

        • Yes, why do they discontinue the good products whilst the mediocre ones remain!

          Ask as many questions as you want 🙂

          Filing mine was a two step approach that took over a week to get right. Imagine my hand in it’s regular pose, I filed them in a V shape doing one side at a time.

          Looking at you can see they weren’t almond yet but here they’re much more almond. Mostly because my nails weren’t long enough the first time to taper to a point

          It’s quicker to clip them at an angle, then file them. You have to be careful not to snip too much or apply too much pressure that they snap. That’s why I filed them because it was ‘safer’ even if it did take longer.

          Sorry for the long answer lol: file into spikes to get the basic look and then soften the shape

        • aha, I see. merci! and no, it’s not too long 😀

          @ products: my thoughts exactly. brands so often advertise the snake oil out of their range, and discontinue the only one that works.

  2. Lovely. I’m going to copy these (maybe a bit different) but I’ll let everyone know you were my inspiration for the nails 🙂

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