New Purchases – Nails Inc, Orly & Deborah Lippmann

I feel as though there’s been a lot of new additions to my stash in the last month or so, and whilst they may not all be real purchases thanks to the freebies in Cosmo & Glamour they are new to my collection.


First up are Nails Inc New York Noir and Uptown Glamour (freebies in Glamour)

Nails Inc New York Noir Uptown Glamour

The other colour options were Silver & Red.  Red is always a tricky colour for me, so there was no way I was going to get that, and I’ve already got a couple of Silvers that a perfect.

The only real gold I have is Barry M’s Gold Foil, which can look a bit green at times (maybe it’s just old) so I picked Uptown Glamour. I also got Black because I’m always on the hunt for a Black with a great formula and Nails Inc apply really well.

The next two are Naughty and Star Spangled by Orly (freebies in Cosmopolitan)

Orly Naughty Star Spangled

I was super excited to try these as I know Craftynail swears by Orly but I haven’t got a clue where you get Orly in the UK. My excitement drained a little a lot when I saw the mini bottles (5ml).  I love things that are mini e.g. Mavala, but with the plastic lid it was all a bit disappointing.

BUT, from a very brief swatching session, they do apply very nicely and Star Spangled (red glitter) is stunning! Seriously considering getting another one!

Deborah Lippmann Red Ruby Slippers and Since I Fell for You (Purchased)

Deborah Lippmann Red Ruby Slippers Since I Fell for You

What can I say other than that Red Ruby Slippers is a classic, red hexes in a black base, had to get it!  I know I go on about Red being a difficult colour for me, but Since I Fell for You is a darker red, so it’s more flattering.  Plus I have special plans for it, which I’m praying will work, and will talk to you about later.

As you can see, it’s pretty hard to buy just one bottle.  I always like to get a minimum of two per shop, you know, to even things out 😛

Other new nail varnishes included Essie Chinchilly, OPI – I Don’t Give A Rotterdam, and Barry M Diamond Glitter which I’ve already shared with you.  I think another one was Illamasqua – Jo’mina, which I got in the sale.  I also REALLY want to get Essie’s Midnight Cami, but they were sold out at the time and Mavala’s Sublime Collection is gorgeous!  So there might be more purchases yet, even though I should be stopping slowing down.

Are there any nail varnishes you need to buy or have got recently and really love?


7 responses to “New Purchases – Nails Inc, Orly & Deborah Lippmann

  1. You know .. I tried a few polishes from DL, in sephora and even though the hype says they are amazing .. I was pretty disappointed .. What do u say ?? Is it worth the $$…?

    • Deborah Lippmanns are always tempting, from the bottle to the shades, I find it hard not to lust after them. When it comes to the formula, they’re very standard. The glitter mixes are insane though and on that basis I think they’re worth it (colour wise). The actual formula..not so much.

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