The Quick Pedi

DIY Pedicure the fast way

The Quick Pedi is for those scary last minute moments when you realise that you’ll have to bare your tootsies and you’re not prepared!  If you need something more thorough, check out the Intense PedicureThe Quick Pedi will help get your toes looking acceptable in the shortest amount of time!

The Quick Pedi

Before you do anything, have a look at your toe nails and decide if they need fresh nail varnish. Has your nail old nail varnish grown out?  Can you get away with them being bare?  If you’re going to paint them, then select a colour (one that is very opaque).  Remove any old nail varnish and apply a base coat.


Start in the bathroom.  File away at any hard skin, paying more attention to the heels and sides of your feet.


Scrub using a foot scrub or face scrub. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Moisturise generously with a good foot cream.


Apply one coat of your chosen colour. Yep, only one coat, that’s why you need to pick a shade that’s nice and opaque.  Wait two minutes and then apply a quick dry top coat.

Additional Tips:

  • If I’m going to paint my toes then I’ll usually moisturise my feet while I’m waiting for the nail polish to dry as painting can be a bit difficult when your hands are covered in foot cream!
  • If you’re going to put shoes and socks on, wrap your toes in clingfilm before putting on your socks to mimimise damage to your paint job

Roughly timing myself, I can get this done in just over 10 minutes and then my feet are ready for that Yoga class I forgot I signed up for!

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10 responses to “The Quick Pedi

    • It’s best to leave them to dry as long as possible. I’m not suggesting that you paint your nails and then immediately put socks on. You can do other tasks while they’re drying.

      Applying cling film loosely with loose socks will avoid the fabric sticking to/indenting the nail varnish. Of course the tightness of the shoes and socks in addition to how long you leave them to dry will affect how much damage is done.

      There is only one coat of colour and this is using a Quick Dry Top Coat so that reduces a lot of the drying time.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 it’s good to leave them to dry as long as possible so the cling film doesn’t stick to the paint.
      For a regular pedi, I’ll do two, but when I’m in a rush then just one, it’s a great little time saver!

      • Ooooh haha all of my pedis are rushed because I always end up neglecting my toes. I figure no one’s going to be able to see a few streaks from 5 feet up anyway XD

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