How to transport nail polish

“How on earth do I transport my nail polish collection?!” That was the horrible question I found myself asking…

Moving house is annoying and stressful in itself, but I must admit that making sure my stash remained safe and organised whilst moving was one of my major concerns.

How to move them?

Straight away I decided to use a slim shoe box.  It would be easy to handle, lightweight but with a large enough capacity to house a number of nail varnishes.

Taking a selection of different brands, I grouped them by height and shape.  It turned out that most of the taller bottles were also round.  So ultimately I grouped them by shape – round vs square.


Keep them Safe

I used a cereal box to create two inserts that were the same length as the box.  Then I made 8 ‘rows’ that were the same length as the box. This box works on a 3 x 8 format (three columns and eight rows) which houses 24 nail varnishes. I worked out that this would be best for the round bottles.

Nail Polish Storage Transport

Later on I’ll upload some more images to show you how the rows worked

Square bottles (e.g. Essie) take up less space, so I was able to fit 10 rows.  This box works on a 3 x 10 format (three columns and ten rows) which houses 30 nail varnishes.

Storing them in separated compartments greatly reduces the chance of them banging against each other, ending in breakages and heartache!  I also wrapped the sides in bubble wrap so that the bottles on the outer columns didn’t hit against the side of the box.

Nail Polish Storage 3

Keep them Organised

To keep them semi organised, I put a label on the outside of the box listing the brand. I also tried to put them in colour order, but that didn’t last for long!

I would definitely recommend this method if you’re able to transport them in a car/train where you can monitor them.  I put all the shoe boxes into 1 larger box and placed it on the car seat.


  • If you’re moving your stash, please remember that nail varnish is highly flammable.  It’s alright in small quantities, but if your collection is on the large side then you’ll want to keep the boxes away from flames obviously and heat, which is not so obvious.
  • If you live in a hot country, transporting them in an overheated car is not a good idea!
  • Also keep them out of sunlight as it ruins the colour and quality of the formula. So use opaque boxes/containers.

Hope you are well and that I get to speak to you all very soon NL xoxo


10 responses to “How to transport nail polish

    • Exactly – it makes it even worse when they are irreplaceable.
      Moving your nail polish collection is no fun at all, so I hope you don’t have to do it for some time!

      Have a great day 🙂 NLx

  1. Love the divider idea! I’ve had to move my polish collection multiple times when moving dorms and I usually just stuff my socks into boxes with my polishes to cushion them. Not as sophisticated, but it’s kept them safe so far and means I don’t need a separate box for socks =P

    • Using things with multi-purposes is always good, especially when moving, so the socks are a great idea! Plus everyone has socks! Very happy to hear everything was safe and undamaged, the thought of losing any bottles is so sad. But luckily in both our cases, no bottles were harmed in the process 🙂

    • Cool, glad it helps! If you’re a fan of crafty stuff you’ll find it quite fun and if not…well at least everything will be nicely organised 😀 Happy packing! x

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