Christmas Nails

Hi everyone!

How I’ve missed you so! From the last post you might have realised why I’ve been away so long and moving is also the reason why it pains me to say that I no longer have almond nails 😦 They all broke one by one and I’ve got a few unpleasant splits, which look set to destroy any new growth as well…

Christmas Nails Nail art

BUT before all the breaks, I did this design when I got the Orly Spangled in Glamour magazine. I was testing out a Christmas design and this was it. Spangled is such a pretty red glitter, really wish I picked up another one now!

Playing on the candy cane colours of white and red, I used Barry M for the base and Spangled to create a bordered halfmoon mani. I must say the photos don’t do Spangled much justice, it is so ‘glitterfied’ and creates the perfect festive mood.

Christmas Nails 1 NailArt

Had I been able to finish it the way I wanted, I would have added a little mistletoe hanging from the top corner of my ring finger, you know, just to make it scream Christmas πŸ˜›

One more sleep til Christmas, I hope Santa brings you everything that’s on your list.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas NL xoxo


15 responses to “Christmas Nails

    • Yes, I’m not sure why but they looked extra shiny, must’ve added a bit more top coat than usual.
      ….Aww thank you, I need all the positive growth wishes I can get! πŸ˜€ x

  1. Love the nails! The red looks gorgeous with that shape. That’s so sad that they broke though. The same thing happened to mine when I had them pointed 😦

    • The first one was the saddest but after the second one went, I painfully accepted it 😦
      I always like red and white for Christmas,…and of course glitter!
      Pointed nails are a bit risky but they’re fun nonetheless πŸ™‚

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