Ciate Flower Manicure

There’s no denying that the new Ciate Flower Manicure kit has a decidedly Spring-time, Summer-time feel.  The look is created by adding real, dry-pressed flowers onto your nails.

Ciate Flower Manicure Nails

The kit comes in two different colour options – Strike a Posey (Candy Floss) which is Bubblegum Pink and Bada-Boom (Ferris Wheel) which is sky Blue.

The Flower Manicure Kit contains:

  • A full sized Ciate nail varnish – either Candy Floss or Ferris Wheel
  • Flowers
  • Tweezers (to delicately pick up and apply the flowers)
  • A file (I imagine to file away any parts of the flower that extends beyond your nail)
  • Top coat

Ciate Flower Manicure Kit

The lucky girls over at Elle UK got to play around with the Ciate Flower Manicure kit early and created these nails:

flower manicure ciate

Are you a fan of the floral look?

The Ciate Flower Manicure kit is available to buy from Selfridges at £18 and Sephora at $25.

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11 responses to “Ciate Flower Manicure

    • It’s cool right?:) With so many nail kits its easy to think “they’ve done it all” but I actually think this is quite sweet, especially when it warms up a bit/festival time.

  1. Thank you for liking my post! Awwww otherwise I wouldn’t of noticed your blog, and it’s amazing! It’s like a japanese mag packed with everything good to look at! 🙂 now me & my girls will have some nail fun to do! Just had to follow you ❤

    • Thank you for such a lovely comment! I definitely blushed a bit with the Japanese magazine part, the ultimate compliment! 🙂 You have an incredible sense of style so it’s pretty cool to know you like what I’m doing over here and I hope you continue to enjoy it NLx

  2. Hey, my name is Mara and I just found your blog. I am also really excited about this Kit. I wish I can try it for my blog. Right now its Ciaté Month on my blog, so I am reviewing all the polishes from my Ciaté collection. I just started blogging a week ago, but I am posting everyday. Maybe you would like to stop by and tell me what you think 🙂

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