Valentine’s Day Nails ’14

Whether you’ll be wined and dined or be cuddling up on the sofa, Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

So of course, to mark the occasion I switched up my manicure and exchanged it for a hot pink base with mini bubblegum hearts on the ring finger.  It uses very similar colours to last year’s Valentine’s Day Nails but I subbed the Dusty Rose for Barry M Pink.

VALENTINES Day nails Nail Art

I’ve noticed that a lot of Valentine’s Day manis feature mini hearts on them this year, which I think looks super cute so I decided to add a few little hearts onto a bare nail.  I used OPI Barre My Soul and then added the hearts by using a toothpick. I didn’t find it as easy as it looked but I sort of got into the swing of it after a few attempts.

On the solid colour nails, I added a swipe of matte top coat down one side of the nail so it has a split finish of matte vs gloss.  The pic below has sort of messed with the true colour (above is the correct colour reference) but this pic shows the two finishes a little clearer.

Valentines Day Nails

Hope you like them! How’s your Valentine’s Day this year?


13 responses to “Valentine’s Day Nails ’14

    • Yay! So pleased you like it 🙂 I could very easily become obsessed with matte top coat, there’s just so much you can do with it! Plus it dries nice and quickly too

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