White Striped Mani

If you’ve had a look at the Spring & Summer Nail Colours then you’ll know that white is one of the colours to be wearing.  I love the idea of a white on white manicure, using texture or varying opacities of white to create nail art.  I have quite a few ideas for white on white nail art but this is the one that made it onto my nails today.

Striped Nails Nail Art

I prepped my nails the usual way – with a base coat and two coats of the chosen colour, in this case Essie Waltz.  It remained sheer even at two coats, but that was perfectly fine in order to contrast against the stronger white.  My nails are naturally quite pink so in some lighting the base has a slight pink tone.

Striped Nails Nail Art

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, clearly my nail shape has changed once again lol

Now what I had originally wanted to do was add a textured varnish for the stripes but that didn’t quite go to plan.  I used Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat but I didn’t feel it looked gritty enough, so I just put top coat over it.  But you can still see all the little dots so even though it doesn’t feel rough, it has a visual appearance similar to sponge/foam.

Striped Nail Art Manicure

I hope you like it!

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