How to Paint your Right Hand (or dominant hand)

Painting your right hand or dominant hand can create a bit of a ‘before and after’ look which isn’t intentional.  So here’s some tips on how to get both hands looking like they were done by a pro and not by a 3 year old distracted watching their favourite cartoon…

1. Take some extra time

After painting your left hand there’s a tendency to quickly move onto the right, even though it’s going to be completely different ballgame.  When painting your right hand, your non-dominant hand is going to be shakier and also has the wet nail polish you just painted so you’ll handle the brush differently.  Plus your right hand is at a different angle, which brings me onto the next point…

2. Tilt your hand

In order to get a nice clean line against the side of your nail without getting it onto your skin and cuticles, you need to be able to see the area!  To paint your right hand with precision, tilt your right hand towards the left (or your left hand to the right) to get a better view.

3. Start with your little finger

There are a few pro ways to paint your nails but these have often been created under the assumption that someone else (a manicurist) will be doing your nails.  If you’re doing them yourself then that changes the situation.  By starting with your little finger and working your way towards your thumb it’s easier to move from finger to finger without them getting in the way.

4. Don’t overload the brush

To keep the nail varnish neatly within the frame of your nails, it’s super important to make sure the brush hasn’t got too much varnish on it.  This is mostly what leads to flooding the cuticles. In fact you can load the brush with less varnish than usual, as you can always go over it.

5. Right, middle, left

When it comes to the actual painting part, apply one swipe of nail varnish down the right side first (or left if you’re left-handed).  Usually you would paint down the middle first but, when painting your dominant hand, the hardest part is keeping the varnish on your nails and not your skin. By getting the tricky side done with first, it’s easier to control where the varnish goes next.

Lastly, practice will do a lot!

I really hope this helps.  Let me know if you’ve tried it out or have your own ways of getting around painting your right hand or dominant hand.

20 responses to “How to Paint your Right Hand (or dominant hand)

  1. Good tips! I will try painting the right side first instead of the middle 🙂
    I am an impatient person, so this takes extra effort for me- but it helps me to paint my 2nd hand W A Y S L O W W W E R than I would paint the first one!

    • ha! I’m exactly the same, literally forcing yourself to go as slowly as you typed out lol, but it’s definitely worth it! Let me know how you get on with the right side, I found it a bit odd at first but it seemed to do the trick x

  2. Hehe, I love your “intro”. 🙂
    All good advice (especially #3, working from outside in), but the best I found yet is – do your dominant hand first! I don’t know why or how, but it works very well (I often even end up with my right (dominant) looking better!). Because, as you say in #1, freshly painted hand will “act” a bit weird/feel shakier, so rather that be your dominant hand that you can control better.

    • lol well it’s a bit of a problem that I think we can all relate to 😀
      Very curious about painting the dominant hand first, I think I tried it (I tested about a million ways out of pure frustration lol) but I’ll give it another shot.
      Happy you seem to have conquered it though – getting the right to look better is a serious achievement! 😀

  3. Great tips! Sometimes I’ll actually just hold my left hand with the brush still and move my right hand. It sounds weird, but I get much steadier strokes if I’m doing all the moving with my dominant hand 😀

    • I haven’t heard that one before. Not gonna lie, it does sound kinda odd lol but I can see how that might work! I’ll have to try the ‘Kitsu method’ and let you know what I think 😀

      • Haha I’ve always wanted to have my very own nail polish method named after me 😛 I’d love to know if it works for you too though!

        • Hey! So I gave it a try and it sort of did work. I found it hard to concentrate on keeping the brush hand still and moving my right hand. Almost like when you pat your head and rub your stomach (I really hope you know what I’m talking about otherwise that probably sounds strange lol)

        • Oh haha thanks for giving it a try! I get what you mean, I don’t normally concentrate on not moving my left hand. Like if it wants to move a bit, that’s fine too, but I do my majority of concentrating on moving my right hand.

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