Dotty Manicure

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well : )

Revlon Cloud has made many an appearance on the blog, such as here, here and here.  It is a beautiful milky, pastel blue, which is a true winner in my eyes!  I wear a lot of the nail varnishes I already own over and over as I don’t like any of them being in my collection for the sake of it.  Plus, I tend to buy most nail varnishes in-store so that lessens disappointment if a shade doesn’t look quite how I expected it to.  There are of course those times when the colour doesn’t appear the same on the nail as it does on the bottle…don’t you hate when that happens(!)… but for the most part it’s avoided.

Dotty Nails Revlon Cloud

To add a new twist, I added a series of three dots to the majority of the nails.  Nails Inc Uptown Glamor was the gold I chose and it’s a pretty great gold!  No greenish-tinge which can occur sometimes, just gold.  The thumb and ring finger are both accent nails with an arch of dots.

It’s been unusually, but very pleasantly sunny here in London, which meant it was a bit hard to capture the dots without a reflection from the glossiness of the topcoat, so here’s a closeup:Dotty Nails Nailart

Think it’s safe to say that Revlon Cloud is on my list of favourites! 😛

12 responses to “Dotty Manicure

    • Definitely agree, they’re both gorgeous! I adore darker colours but I’m always surprised at how much I fall in love with pastels and neutrals in the Spring

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