Moisturising Gloves – worth the hype?

In the constant quest to avoid dry skin, I’m always interested in ways to inject a heavy dose of moisturisation to hands and nails, so when I came across these moisturising gloves I decided to try them out.

Moisturising gloves review

The pack contains disposable gloves that are lined and pre-treated with a lotion containing tea tree, peppermint oil and shea butter.  You simply pop them on for 15 – 20 mins and let them do their magic.  I just about managed to get to the 20mins mark.  Having them on felt quite strange and bordered on being uncomfortable due to the extreme ‘moist’ feeling.

Review moisturising gloves

Also, let’s be honest, they’re not the sexiest looking set of gloves.  This is one of those beauty regimes you do when no one’s around or with your girls during a pamper session.  When I removed the gloves I had to wipe a lot of the excess lotion away with a tissue and then rub my hands together to let the rest absorb.


Are moisturising gloves worth the hype?  Well, with this pair, sort of… My hands definitely looked more youthful and nourished, especially around my cuticles – more so than just using hand cream.  But they didn’t feel particularly soft afterwards, which was very disappointing.  From a visual perspective this did the trick, but I’d prefer a product that gave an all round result.

In future I’ll stick to cotton gloves.  They work on the exact same principle but are made of cotton fabric instead allowing you to wear your own hand cream underneath.  I liked the disposable feature of these gloves as it made everything quicker and cleaner, but in order to get the full effect I think only cotton gloves will do!

Would you ever wear moisturising gloves?

17 responses to “Moisturising Gloves – worth the hype?

  1. No, I don’t think I’d wear moisturizing gloves. There are great hand lotions out there; Hand Food by Soap & Glory being my favorite . Thank you for sharing your experience with this product. Who knew? 🙂

    • Good question! They really aren’t very attractive but most intensive beauty treatments don’t look good during use, but the results should be worth it. I think this pair was quite large (possibly to fit all hand sizes) which ‘added’ to it! Having them look good would be a bonus!

  2. I’d actually like to try them. I use cotton gloves but always feel they soak up as much of the cream as my hands and become rather icky. Where did you get them from if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. Interesting. I like that they are disposable but I probably wouldn’t use them myself because I have a favorite lotion and you can just as easily use the cotton type. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

    • I think that the cotton ones work a lot better, but it could be down to the lotion that was in this particular pair. They did a good job but could have been a little better.
      That’s more of a plus point with the cotton ones as you can control what cream you use with it

  4. I wear my cottons with heavy oil-based moisturisers (Lush Helping Hands and Lemony Flutter) underneath about once a week. I find it really does help but, like you, I’m not sold on these disposables!

    • The oil-based emollient type of creams are really good for treatments. The lotion in these gloves was much lighter.
      I always hear great things about Lemony Fluffer, so that sounds like a really great pamper session you do! How long do you leave your gloves on?

  5. When my hands are really crying out and cracking I just put on a thick layer of cream and cotton gloves ; ) But I’m always interested in new things, so love this post!

    • Same, I saw them and thought “hmmmm, let’s see what this is all about”
      I think they really have the potential to be awesome if had a better cream

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