Sally Hansen – Sea

Another oldie but a goodie, is the serene Sea by Sally Hansen

It’s officially Spring, and that means that the pastels are out in full force.  On today’s nails I have Sally Hansen’s ‘Sea’.  It is a beautifully soft mint shade that hints at a few blue notes, but it is definitely green unlike it’s name suggests.  When I think of ‘Sea’ I automatically think of blue and usually this type of minty shade would be called ‘Seafoam’.

Sally Hansen Sea Swatch Nails

The pearlescence of it adds a touch of extra dimension, but isn’t as sparkly as a shimmer.  If I were to grade this on Luxxe Appeal, I’m not sure it would score too highly as it has a very thick consistency despite appearing sheer.  Luckily Sea escapes testing as it’s an oldie so I have to take that into account.

SALLY HANSEN sea nails swatch polish

It’s a beaut of a colour though! A lovely and fresh pastel shade.

Have you started wearing pastels?


16 responses to “Sally Hansen – Sea

  1. Looks beautiful with your nail shape! I haven’t really started wearing pastels yet but I guess it’s time already. I can’t believe it’s almost April. o_o

    • Thanks Julie! I’m really enjoying having this colour on.
      Can’t believe it either! It feels like it was only New Years just a while ago lol. and yes it’s time to get the pastels out, hope to see some on your nails soon 🙂 x

  2. I LOVE your nail shape! I’ve used a few other colors from that line (Air, Whisper, and Sorbet) and they were tricky to apply too. It’s a shame because they’re all so light and calming.

    • Thank you! Did a little googling and I’m loving the other colours you have, they’re gorgeous! Kind of want to track them down now lol 100% with you – so sad about the application, especially when the shades are so perfect

      • I actually got Whisper and Sorbet at Big Lots for only like a dollar each–I lucked out, but was grumpy at the same time because it was right after I had paid full price on Air. XD I think a lot of it is because they’re pastels and pastels almost always apply like Satan’s pit sweat. T___T

        • haha gross imagery there but I get what you mean 😀
          That was lucky! So weird how things like that happen (that you saw them for less afterwards) never happens the other way around lol

        • Yeah. As a nail freak, my rule to myself is to not spend more than $4 on a polish at a time, and this was like the universe scolding me for not obeying my rule. XD

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