Why is Base Coat So Important?

Is base coat really that important? Yes! 

When I first started using nail varnish in my early teens I didn’t use base coat.   Even though I thought I should probably put it on, I skipped the step because I didn’t know all the benefits I was missing out on.   Base coat is the secret superhero of the manicure, and here’s why:

Strengthens and Encourages Growth

Base coat protects nails, covering the nail plate and any existing peels or splits.   It also acts as a reinforcement for your nails, making them stronger and more resilient.  All of which is super important for growing your nails.

Prevents Staining* and Discolouration

If you want to avoid stains, particularly when wearing dark nail colours, then you have to wear a base coat.  This protective layer acts as a buffer between the pigments within the colour and your nail plate, helping to minimise the transfer of colour onto your nails.  Sometimes nails can turn a little yellow as a result of wearing nail varnish regularly.  Base coat can also help to guard against this kind of discolouration too!

*The effectiveness depends on each individual base coat.  There are some nail varnish colours that are particularly ‘strong’ and manage to seep through a base coat.  Bear this in mind, particularly when opting for blue shades.

Helps to Achieve ‘True Colour’

Without base coat you might find yourself having to apply a third coat of colour in order to reach full opacity and/or fill out any streaks.  Even though it’s a much thinner layer than pigmented nail varnish, the base coat will prep your nails for smooth colour, much like using primer before foundation.

Extends Wear-time and Prevents Chips

Top coat isn’t the only thing that contributes to the longevity of a manicure.  Base coat will also keep your manicure looking fresher for longer, with less chips.

Creates a Smooth Base

Base coat not only preps the nail for better colour, but a smoother finish.  Even basic base coats (not specifically ridge fillers) can provide some ridge filling benefits.  A smoother finish will leave a glossier looking nail as the light reflects of a smooth surface and is not interrupted by unevenness.

So even though it may be tempting, never go without base coat. Your nails will thank you for it!

Base Coat Important Manicure Nails




19 responses to “Why is Base Coat So Important?

    • Thank you! It really does mean a lot that you think so because, I think with a lot of beauty treatments, there can be a tendency to go along with them and only find out any dangers or long term consequences AFTERWARDS. So I like to pop in pieces here and there so our nails can stay pretty for as long as possible!

    • What I’ve found is that sometimes base coats aren’t really a base, they’re just a clear nail varnish which gets labelled as a base. For the most part bases will do a lot just by creating a separate layer between your nail and the colour. Of course, there are some duds out there. Hopefully they don’t make it onto our nails though! 😛

  1. Great post! I didn’t use base coat either when I first got into nail polish. Then I learned about how important it is!

  2. Good post .. even I am tempted to skip on the base coat sometimes.. Busy, tired, late, sleepy, lazy .. Whatever reason but no doubting it’s benefits. I use the Sally Hansen , it’s pretty nice .. Which one do you recommend?

    • Believe me, I know it’s tempting! But I have also seen the consequences of not using it. Quick chipping, and don’t even get me started about when staining goes bad lol. It can take weeeeks to recover! Just not worth it in my eyes. Plus base coat helps your nails stay healthy so, no skipping! lol
      Sally Hansen has quite good nail care. I’ll have to hold off on answering your Q though as I’m working on reviewing the best ones

  3. Great post, I change to whichever base coat I need for the current nail condition. But I came across some just doesn’t sit well with my nails. I wear the base coat for 1 day and my nails just start breaking on the next day/easily chipped. . like an allergic reaction? ?? Does anyone else get this or is just me? :S

  4. I had a friend who would always complain about her nail polish chipping off in one sheet at a time off her nail. I asked her if she used a base coat. She said no. I told her to use a base coat. She said no. It went like this for awhile until I did her nails one day WITH A BASE COAT and it stayed on forever. She then said “I guess I need a base coat.”

    • haha I love this story! Thanks for sharing it with me 😀 I guess it’s all about ‘seeing is believing Good job your friend had you to show her the light base coat wise x

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