What is that white spot on my nails?

What is that white spot on my nails and where did it come from?!

Whilst doing my manicure I noticed this white spot on my nails and it reminded me of the very first time I ever saw one – I was so worried. I asked about it and was given the old wives’ tale that white spots on nails it’s a sign of calcium deficiency, and for a while I really thought that.  I was only a kid really, but that’s what I thought was causing it for the longest time.

White Spot on Nails leukonychia

A few years later I asked my Doctor about it and he told me that the thing about Calcium was a “bunch of nonsense”!  It was the first time I’d ever heard my Doctor speak in such a relaxed way lol.

He explained that it was ‘leukonychia’, caused by a minor trauma to the nail.  Any little bump or knock that we probably never noticed, could create that white spot on your nails.

I took this to mean that it was similar to a scar.  But unlike a scar that heals, the white mark doesn’t disappear.  You have to wait for it to grow out.  Annoying, but good to know it’s nothing too serious!

Have you ever found this pesky little white spot on your nails?

If you have any other marks or issues with your nails, you can check out this nail abnormalities guide from the NHS  and always  check with your GP/doc as they can put your mind at ease

18 responses to “What is that white spot on my nails?

  1. As an accident prone person, I frequently find these spots on my nails. Thankfully they’re nothing major but I too remember as a kid thinking that they meant I was lacking in some vital nutrient or vitamin. Haha to be a kid again!

    • If only! 😀
      ….Exactly nothing major, plus we use our hands all the time so it would take a lot of effort to avoid them. We can live with them!

  2. Oh that’s so weird then. I used to get them all the time near my cuticles, and I thought it was caused by calcium deficiency too. I wonder what trauma was happening to my nails there o.O

  3. It’s called leukonychia and some say it is a zinc deficiency. I used to find them after I would have an emotional “trauma”, fight with boyfriend. etc. Apparently the health of your nails reflect your inner health. 🙂

    • Interesting that you got them during emotional situations as well! Yes the body has all these clever little ways of letting us know if something’s up

  4. I always heard it was a calcium deficiency as well. I never knew that that’s why those little white spots appeared! Thanks for posting about this; now I know haha

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