Cute Easter Nails

It seriously feels like the year is whizzing by as it’s almost Easter again!

To mark the upcoming occasion, I decided to do my Easter mani. Much like last year’s Easter Mani all the pastels were out and I used probably just as many different nail varnishes as in the last one! If you want to know any specific colours let me know

Easter Nails Manicure Nail Art

The thumb is a milky pastel glitter by Revlon called Popular.  I hadn’t got round to wearing it yet but it just seemed perfect for adding a dash of glitz whilst sticking to the pastel theme.

Easter Nail Art Mani

On Twitter you’ll probably recognise some similarity between my index finger and the cool Easter Revlon mani.  Although, I actually had this idea for a while from a mug I saw in John Lewis! It used the same mint and purple contrast with a scalloped edge. Did use ‘Charming’ though, it’s the ultimate pastel purple.  I always think that a scalloped edge adds a cute soft touch and I added a mini ruffian style hint of mint at the cuticle.

The middle finger is more of an abstract design. I just loved the look of the two colours together and stacked the shapes one over the other.  The ring finger features a classic polka dot design tying the ‘sweet’ lighthearted feel of the mani.

Easter Manicure Nail Art Nails

Not much to say about the little chick other than that you can’t have Easter without the chick! …Or a bunny lol Add one of those two and it’s instantly all about Easter!  I gave mine an extra bit of a pout though, just for fun 😛

Have you done your Easter nails yet?

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