Ciate Shell Manicure

Ciate’s Shell Manicure is the newest addition to Ciate’s nail art kits and launch just before Summer.

The latest kit promises to give you nails to rival a mermaid’s, by bedazzling your nails in real crushed shells.  Typical of the Ciate kits, there are multiple colour options to choose from which include Pillow Fight (grey/mauve) pearl white and pink base colour with complimentary coloured crushed shells:

ciate sea shell manicure mermaid you look  Wish upon A Starfish (Pink), Mermaid You Look (Grey/Mauve) & She Sells Sea Shells (Pearlescent White)

 The kit contains a mini Ciate paint pot, the different coloured shells, (which appear to have reflective properties) and funnel to keep everything neat.

ciate sea shell manicure pink

The application process is similar to that of Caviar nails.  After painting your nails, you apply the crushed shells whilst the nail varnish is still wet, letting it stick to the nail varnish.  To add some extra reinforcement, top coat can be applied to seal the look.

ciate sea shells manicure mermaid you look

I do like the look of these and think the crushed shell texture adds a more complex dimension, with a play on rough vs pretty.   You can see a swatch here of Mermaid You Look .  What do you think? Could you see yourself wearing crushed shells?

The Ciate Shell Manicure kit will be available to buy in May, at £20.


9 responses to “Ciate Shell Manicure

  1. A nail tech friend and I were talking about crushed shells and I think they’d look awesome on a nail tip like a french mani and then encased in clear gel as she has the coral orange crushed shells

    • Oh that sounds so pretty, I’m picturing it now! Even though there’s been lots of different types of textured nails, the shells just hit the mark – they’re textured (of course), they look good and intriguing

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