Peppermint Twist Nails

Hi everyone! How’s your Monday going?

For today’s nails I have a playful little mani using two colours that I just discovered look awesome together! The green is a Mint Barry M and the blue is Aqua Cool by Rimmel.  Whilst they are considered pastel colours, they’re not as whimsical and light as some of the pastels out this year.  Even though the shades are on the soft side, they apply with an opaque finish.

Blue Peppermint Nails Nail Art

I prepped my nails first and then applied two coats of Aqua Cool by Rimmel.  Because I wanted to layer another nail varnish on top and use striping tape, making your nails dry faster under the tap method really helps speed everything up so there’s no smudging or bubbles.  ..Well there were a few pesky bubbles because it was so hot where I painted my nails but the top coat erased most of that.

Aqua Cool RimmelNail Art

I wanted to create that sweet (candy) effect of what I thought was a peppermint but is actually more like a humbug lol.  The only sweets I can find that sort of resemble what I had in my head are these  Do you know the ones I mean?

Peppermint Nails Aqua Cool

Next, I positioned the striping tape where I wanted on my nail.  I tend to do each nail separately as I feel it’s easier without all these bits of tape hanging off your fingers.  I painted on the thicker side first and immediately pulled off the tape – that’s key to getting a neat line and no stringyness.  Then I filled in the thinner side and again, pulled off the tape asap.

 Nails Peppermint Nail Art Barry M Mint

These two were very similar in the way that they applied and seemed to blend evenly together.  Aside from the tragic break on my thumbnail, I’m really liking this mani, it’s nice to have something fun on!

20 responses to “Peppermint Twist Nails

  1. Unfortunately for my nails, Barry M Mint stained awfully.
    I do love the mani you did though and the colours are perfect together 🙂

    • Really? I’m so surprised as I’ve not experienced staining with it. But greens can risky stainers in general
      Usually Barrys Ms and Rimmels apply differently but these two just seemed to want to be together 🙂

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