10 Worst Things To Happen After Painting Your Nails

You’ve just painted your nails and then these things happen, disaster!

1. You have to search through your handbag

Where's my keys, where's my phone, where is all my stuff?!

Where are my keys? Where is my phone? Where is all the stuff I need now?!

2. Needing the bathroom

Need the bathroom

Didn’t need it before, but now that your nails are wet and you’re vulnerable – all of a sudden you need to go!

3. Picking up things off a table

Trying to pick up coins

Let me just grab this change and 100% smudge my nails! (This is clearly why America deals in notes)

4.  Eating

Peel oranges wet nails

You want a snack…but wait, can’t really peel that orange, or open a packet of crisps. Eating anything with your hands is a no go.

5. Untangling earphones

tangled heaphones

Nails done. Time to unwind and listen to some music… but your earphones are tangled (again!) and the thought of undoing them is worse than doing a rubix cube!

6. Doing up a clasp

clasp silver braceletYour nails look perfect. You’re ready to head out and you want to add a cute bracelet or necklace…think again. Doing up this clasp will ruin everything!

7. Doing up a zip

zip up jeans wet nails

(May or may not be related to the second on this list) but either way, it’s not happening without a major problem

8. Getting the urge to clean or tidy up

cleaning gloves

Mostly for those OCD cleaners – resist the urge to do any housework for a while.  No taking the laundry out of the dryer, no scrubbing down the skirting boards.  You’ll be saying goodbye to the dirt and your immaculate manicure

9. Your pet wants cuddles

Pet wants a cuddle

They’re giving you the look,  you know the “let’s play and totally mess up your nails” look.  So cute, so hard to resist!

10. Opening these

can ringpull

The dreaded ring pull: designed to make life easier without the need for an opener…unless you care about your nails, that is.  Then you’ll know they’re the absolute enemy!

Do you ever find yourself in any of these situations?  Have you your own “just painted my nails dilemmas” to share?

Images: lipstiq.com, mpeg.com, bbc.co.uk

33 responses to “10 Worst Things To Happen After Painting Your Nails

  1. All of these things! My kitty always wants cuddles when I’m in the middle of or have just finished doing my nails. And the bathroom thing is so true!

    • Yes, the dreaded fabric imprint! It seems no matter how carefully you sleep at least one nail looks a little different in the morning 😛

  2. OMG! This is hilarious! I can totally relate to #s 1,2,4 and 7. Nowadays, the only time I can do my nails is when my 3 kids are fast asleep which is around midnight. So once I put the kids to bed around 9:30, I get everything I need ready, like a drink, my phone, laptop, etc…all laid out on the table. Once nails are done, I just sit back and relax in front of tv or laptop. I’ve got it nailed down to a science! Lol😉

    • Pleased you enjoyed it!
      You’ve definitely fine tuned your mani routine with military precision lol Must be a nice pay off though when it’s all done and you get to kick back and relax. Kudos! 🙂

    • So true! In England they never seem to remind you but in America they’ll usually ask to pay before the painting part. The last thing you need is to rifle through your handbag and/or pick up change!

  3. I usually feel the urge to go to the toilet, even if I go before I start on my mani. And of course the zippers or the need to find something from a bag 😛

  4. hahah A lot of these situations happened!!! I still remember what happend when I tried the moon nails, it was a nightmare :S
    By the way, even if my kittens aren’t around, there’s always some fur in the air that will fall on my fresh nails. This is pretty sure. 😀

    • The things we do for beauty lol, it’s even worse when lots of these happen at the same time!
      Your kittens are so cute though, they can be forgiven for a little fur even if it’s not so great for the nails 😛 NLx

  5. Oh this post is perfect!!!

    I ALWAYS, and I mean always have a craving for something hard to reach/open to eat and have to go to the bathroom nanoseconds after applying top coat on my last nail. So annoying. : D

    • Yep the food one is pretty bad, especially when you’re *really* hungry. Maybe it’s the waiting around that just makes us idle and want to do a ton of things that will ruin our nails completely lol. Whatever it is, you’re right, it’s super annoying! 😛

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