Monochrome V Striped Nails

Unintentionally continuing on from last week’s Art Deco Inspired Nails, this manicure has a look of that era but was actually inspired by something more present day.  As I was browsing through a magazine I stopped on this piece from Ralph Lauren’s SS14 Collection and was instantly drawn to the shapes.

Ralph Lauren SS14 Monochrome

I’ve been meaning to try out another black and white design ever since my first Monochrome Nails on the blog so I took the opportunity.  The black is Maybelline’s Colour Show Blackout which is so good for nail art!  Blacks nail varnishes can be on the gloopy side and take forever to dry, but this is one of the fastest drying black nail varnishes I’ve used!

Monochrome Nails Nail Art

The only down side is that the undertones are almost blue-y purple, so I’m not sure I would use it for solid colour. I also noticed during clean up that the pigments separate so a bit more elbow work is needed to get it off.

I applied one coat (yep, just one, another great thing about it!) and then laid out my trusty striping tape.  To get the thicker stripe, I overlapped two pieces of striping tape.  Over the top, I painted Barry M’s white and removed the striping tape as soon as possible. There are a few lines that aren’t as neat as I would have liked, mainly because of the amount of pieces of tape to peel from each nail.

Monochrome Striped Nails Nail Art

Will have to put some practice in at getting the tape off quicker! 😛

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21 responses to “Monochrome V Striped Nails

    • Ah, I’ll always be harsh on myself about things like that, but it gives me an excuse to try similar manis. Thanks though. It’s all about getting that darn tape off quickly lol the more you do it, the easier it gets…unless you have tons of tape 😛

  1. In my opinion this is great because you’ve used colours that are hard to work with and removed the stripes quickly enough + the design inspiration is cool!! 😉
    Well done!!!
    Have a wonderful day

    • Thank you sweetie! 😀 Yes, they’re not the easiest to work with, although I got lucky with the black this time around. I hope you’re having a great week! NL x

    • Just ones that you can find on ebay. They’re thinner than the type that you see in craft stores and I have yet to discover striping tape in a physical shop!

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