5 Best Red Nail Polishes on the High Street

Red nail polish or pink nail polish are the only shades I wear for a pedicure.  Red for sophistication, pink for fun.  The decision to only wear hues of pink and red nail polish was formed from the very first pedicure I ever had.  I think that in that time I’ve become a bit of a red nail polish connoisseur 😛 and have made this my ultimate list of high street red nail polishes.

Nails Inc – Tate

Nails Inc Tate

There may have been a time when Tate was all I would wear on my toes.  This is one of the most incredible shades of red nail polish ever made. With this shade, Nails Inc deliver an almost a classic red with clever fine tuning that is flattering to every skin tone.

Mavala – Red Crystal

Mavala Red Crystal Polish

My Mavala minis (my loves) are nothing short of perfect.  The formula is long lasting, gives a wonderful finish and are such a pleasure to use.  Mavala Red Crystal is the only red nail polish that I have worn on my finger nails. The cool undertones are especially complimentary to a honey/olive skin.

Rimmel  – Urban Purple

Rimmel Urban Purple

Okay, so Urban Purple might be a little bit of a cheat on this list because it’s not quite red, but it’s DEFINITELY NOT PURPLE.  It’s more of a burgundy meets aubergine affair, and it is beautiful.

MUA – Forever

Mua Red Nail Polish Forever

MUA, exclusive to Superdrug, sells all its standard nail polishes for just £1!  In a giveaway on the blog I included 3 nail polishes from this line, and whilst I’m sure some thought “that’s a bit stingy” I chose them because of their almost expert level shades that are on trend and so flattering. Forever is a cool undertone, smooth red – a must-have.

Barry M – Raspberry

Barry M Raspberry

When you’ve re-purchased at least 3 bottles of one colour – you know it’s a winner!  With subtle raspberry undertones, this is a fun alternative to a classic red.  It’s perfect for a go-to pedicure, definitely a shade to store in the stash from Barry M.


Have you tried any of these red nail polishes?  Got any you’d like to recommend? Let me know in the comments

So whether it’s for your pedicure or your manicure, there you have it – the low down on the best red nail polishes on the high street.

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