How to Lose a Natural Tan

Summer’s all but gone, but your tan may still remain.  For some this is a golden reminder of Summer, for others it can be a bit of a nuisance.  There’s lots of reasons why you might want to lose your tan – be it that your foundation doesn’t match you any more, your makeup doesn’t suit you or show through like it did before.  For me, I found that my hands were a billion shades darker than the rest of my body and some of my go-to nail colours didn’t stand out like before.

FYI – This is not about bleaching your skin to a colour that you are not and have never been.  This is about restoring your skin colour to it’s previous colour before the tan.

So what to do to lose a natural tan?

Use Sunblock

To concentrate on losing your tan fast, first you need to block your skin from getting tanner.  Even on a cloudy day (basically every day in England!) the sun is out so we need to protect our skin. Wear a sunblock that is at least SPF20, preferably SPF30.  This will get your skin ready to start shedding the tan.


Exfoliating will not only slough off the dead,outer layer of skin (which is usually darker) but also stimulate your skin to grow new skin.  This will help you lose a natural tan in no time.  You can buy any sort of scrub that suits your skin type. Or even make your own with sugar and olive oil.


Keeping your skin nourished will be a helping hand in turning over skin growth.  All that new skin is essential to losing your tan.

Cover Up/ Reduce Time In the Sun

Sounds like a no-brainer, but if you want to lose a natural tan then avoiding the sun will speed up this process.  You don’t necessarily have to wear gloves on the beach like hand model Nina Taylor, but lightly cover the areas you don’t want to tan and don’t stay out too long.

Out of all of these methods, the use of sunblock made the most difference.   A great product that I used was by Neutrogena – review on Norwegian Formula Anti Aging Hand Cream coming soon.  Adding this step into your routine can take some getting used to but it really works to not only protect your skin but lose a natural tan fast!

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