Norwegian Formula Anti Aging Hand Cream Review

In a quest to lose my tan and improve the look of my hands I discovered Norwegian Formula Anti Aging Hand Cream.  It contains SPF 25, essential to trying to lose a tan, as well as other anti aging properties said to enhance the appearance of your hands.  Lose the tan and get younger looking hands – sounded like a winner!

A frequently referenced quote on the blog is that “your hands give away your age.”  No matter how many face lifts or botox one has; loose saggy skin, liver spots and pronounced veins on your hands indicate that you might be a little older.  If you’re over the age of 20 you should start looking after your hands to help prevent this.  Norwegian Formula Anti Aging Hand Cream claims to be a solution so I gave it a go:

Norwegian Formula Anti Aging Hand Cream Review


It has a very heavy consistency which needs to be rubbed in thoroughly.  On my skin tone it also gives a slight purple-ish tint, which tends to happen when using sunblock.


It was about 10 days before I could see a noticeable difference (applied twice a day).  I actually still use it even though my tan has gone because I like to give my hands sun care protection.


It was 100% effective in helping to remove my tan.  My hands definitely improved both in texture and overall look.  My skin tone was more even, although the skin was not firmer or tighter.

This is a great product to prevent aging but not necessarily reverse the signs of aging.  I would rate this product an 8/10 as it is affordable, offers SPF protection from the sun and combines hand cream with sunblock, reducing the need for two products.

Norwegian Formula Anti Aging Hand Cream is a good product to own.  Apply it before work or pop it in your handbag and your know your hands are protected against aging and more harmful sun damage.

Have you thought about protecting your hands with SPF?  Do you worry about wrinkly looking hands?  Let me know 🙂

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