Nails Inc H2Go Polish – Wash Off With Water

Debuting a little after Summer, Nails Inc H2Go entered the market as a nail polish that can be worn for temporary uses – simply washing away with water.  You might remember the pink peel of nail polish that you could wear as a kid, but now there seems to be a more adult and sophisticated alternative – H2Go Polish.

nails inc h2go polish

A mark of a good manicure is how long it lasts, but there are many occasions where you only need polish on for a short amount of time.  Think kids playing dress up, fashion shows, a party, photography etc.  The more you think about it, the more you can see that a temporary, wash off nail polish makes sense.

There’s another good reason to appreciate Nails Inc H2Go Nail Polish – the fact that it is 7-Free.  The more we know about nail polish and it’s chemical content, the more brands are taking responsibility by ensuring that the nail polish we wear today is safer than any polish in our mother’s or grandmother’s nail polish stash.

nails inc h2go polish colours

Belgravia Lane, Mayfair Court, Porchester Square

Nails Inc H2Go Polish comes in 6 standard shades.  Some sites have praised this nail polish for wear several hours and to be honest I’m not a fan of that.  We all know that hands need to be washed thoroughly after eating, visiting the ladies etc etc so not good there.

If you have kids, and let them wear nail polish I would definitely recommend using this on them – being 7 free is a huge relief in terms of chemicals, plus you can take it off without a nail polish remover that would also include chemicals.  Nail techs might find these good as well for photo shoots.

You can even watch how easily it washes off here (Youtube Clip)

Nails Inc H2Go Polish is available from, £14

Would you ever find yourself using these?  What do you think about wash off nail polish?



4 responses to “Nails Inc H2Go Polish – Wash Off With Water

  1. This is so, so cool! Perfect for if you suddenly have an interview or need to volunteer somewhere that doesn’t allow anything but clear and light-colored polishes.

    • Glad you think so too! 🙂 Never even thought of interviews, but you’re right – a hour or so with prim and proper nail polish and then you can just wash it off!

    • Not to wear alone, no. Though it could be useful for stamping/nail art for nail bloggers? I’m definitely going to recommend it to parents who allow their kids to wear nail polish – £14/bottle may seem steep for dress up but you can’t put a price on safety

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