Are your nails real?

Yes, my nails are natural.

How do you get your nails to grow so long?

When I’m not wearing a colour, I wear a clear nail varnish/base coat almost all the time to protect and shield my nails from the elements.  Nails do need a break from colours but not necessarily toxic free clear/base coats that nourish and protect your nails.

Cuticles say a lot about the health of your nails.  So if they’re looking a bit raggety I’ll up my moisturising routine and file down any splits in my nails to prevent a break. Check out this post on Growing Your Nails for more tips.

Have you ever worn acrylic/fake nails?

I haven’t had acrylics or gel nails, but I have worn press on nails for fun.  On the blog all you’ll see are my natural nails.

How many nail varnishes do you own?

I haven’t officially counted – it scares me.  But probably close to 100… 😛

I really try to use them all, because I don’t like collecting nail varnish just for the sake of it.  When you’re doing nail art it’s easy to use a minimum of 3 different colours per manicure – so not to worry, the stash won’t go to waste!

How often do you change your manicure?

If I’m absolutely obsessed with a colour I can go a whole week.  Otherwise, I usually change my manicure two – three times week.

What’s your favourite Topcoat & why?

Revlon Topcoat every time. It’s super glossy, dries quickly and is long lasting.