Nail Trends Fall 2015

This year’s Fall 2015 nail trends are taking a slightly new direction this time around.    Unlike previous years where nail polish colours were very distinct, this season’s nail polish trends appear to be grouped into two dominant themes. One of which isn’t technically a colour.  

Having a dominant theme makes it easier to stay on trend – since you can pick a colour that appeals to you from the group.   Though, I can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed by the lack of vibrancy.  Having said that there is one stand out shade that you HAVE to get your hands on!

Camo Greens (Camo)

Christian Dior aw2015 green nail polish

Christian Dior AW2015

Camo and Khaki is having a BIG moment in fashion right now and this has made its way over to the beauty department.  Khaki and Military shades get are muted with a dusky makeover. Milky, camo greens are an instant way to nail the trends this Fall.


The Naked Manicure

Plain Nails Fashion LFW2015

Plain nails may make Zoey Deschanel sad, but not the fashion industry.  There was a massive crackdown on the use of colour for Autumn/Winter 2015.  The great thing about this trend is that it’s easy and uncomplicated, but nail polish lovers may miss their colours!  Stay tuned for an up coming post  on the Naked Manicure Nail Polishes.


Cherry Red

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs AW2015

What would the party season be without a red nail?  A classic, sophisticated colour sure to go with everything.  This Winter, cherry red is the specific shade of red to aim for.



Georgio Armani aw2015 black nails

Giorgio Armani AW2015

Despite the nail polish industry not picking up on this by incorporating it into their collections, Black was worn on many a models’ nails on the Fall 2015 catwalks.  Shown here at Giorgio Armani AW2015, Black can be both chic and bad-ass.


Dusky Browns (Camo)

Brown Nail Polish 2015

It’s been many years since brown nail polish took centre stage.  This Fall 2015 it makes a huge comeback.  Mostly tying in with the camo trend which encorporates greens, browns and greys.


Rose Gold / Bronze

Carolina Herrera AW2015

Carolina Herrera AW2015

In recent years metallics have had firm staying power on Fall nails.  For 2015, we see Rose Gold and Bronze as the main players for metallic shades.  Good to know there’s something sparkly on hand for the party season.


Comforting Greys (Camo)

PROENZA grey nails aw2015

Proenza AW2015

There’s always something comfy and cosy about grey nails, it’s almost like a signal that Fall has arrived.  Which is probably why they are a safe bet to wear for your manicure.  Effortless and on trend.


Rich Purples

Plum Nails AW2015

This is the a definite colour you need! Deep, plum-y purples that are dark but still allow the colour to shine through.   In some ways it is similar to Essie: Bahama Mama but this year you’re after more plum and grape undertones as opposed to the maroon and burgundy of Bahama Mama.

Finish: Glossy

Whilst matte nails were on display this Autumn Winter 2015, hyper glossy nails with mega shine noticeably outnumbered dull nails.  This could coincide with the breakthrough in technology of gel nail polishes, which offer brilliant shine, equal to that of actual gel nails.

Shape: Round & Short

As seasons passed, nail trends moved further away from over-the-top nail art with super long lengths bedazzled and bejeweled in diamantes and embellishments.  This was most noticeable on the nail shape.  Nails were incredibly short with almost no free edge and filed to mimic the natural shape of the cuticle.

Click gallery to see the shades to get to capture the look

Are you excited about this year’s Fall 2015 nail trends?  Are there any colours you want to try? Or are you just happy to break out the greys and dark colours again 🙂 Let me know

9 responses to “Nail Trends Fall 2015

  1. Where is my beloved navy ? Through the summer I just wore taupe a great deal as it looks smart and goes with everything . I love winter colours as they always look chic .

    • I’m afraid it’s been retired this season 😦 But you can break the trends for navy lol, I love a good Navy! Great choice with taupe: perfect paint-and-go-with-everything type of colour. A/W is definitely chic season

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