How to File Almond Nails

An infographic on how to file almond nails

As many of you will know, having almond nails is a relatively new thing for me.  At first I had some major concerns on whether or not I should change my nail shape but having done it, I can easily say that all my worrying was for nothing!  One of the questions that I get asked a lot is how to get the shape, so I  decided to make this little infographic on how to file almond nails:

Click to enlargehow to file almond nailsStep One:

Holding the nail file at a 50 degree angle file the right side of your nail.  File in one direction only to avoid splits, unless you have a glass nail file, in which case you’re fine to file back and forth.

Step Two:

Repeat Step One on the left side of your nail.

Step Three:

In a ‘U’ shape motion, file the tip and sides of your nails.  You want to take your time with this part so you don’t file away too much and can create a shape that tapers into a soft point.

Things to bear in mind with almond nails:

You’ll want to grow your nails quite a bit before attempting the shape.  As you can see from the infographic, the original square nail looks really long, but once it’s transformed into the almond shape, it really doesn’t look that long at all.

You might find yourself having more splits and breaks.  I think this is mainly down to the fact that they are longer and can catch on things.  Also the ‘point’ has less support.

If your nails don’t naturally grow round or oval, then you’ll need to work to keep the almond shape by filing approximately once a week (more or less depending on the individual).

If you decide that almond nails aren’t for you, it’s no biggie.  Just simply file the tip at a horizontal angle and you’ll instantly get squoval nails.

Original image: (and altered)

26 responses to “How to File Almond Nails

    • Stiletto nails are everything! Would love try them one time but I’m not Lana del Rey lol I barely get away with these. You could lightly file them from now so they grow into the shape, or you could cheat with falsies and adhesive tabs NLx

    • You’re very welcome Steph. I think your nails look lovely in a round shape, very chic! Sometimes it’s good to mix things up a bit as little changes can make such a difference. (and I agree, for work it’s probably best not to go pointy 😛 ) NLx

      • Yes I certainly agree! Thanks so much for the lovely compliment. I am definitely happy with them this shape although my thumb broke and im in two minds to cut them all down… how complicated us girls are 🙂

        • Depending on how low down the break is, maybe you could file the rest a little bit to make it look more even overall.
          When these are our biggest worries, we know that we’re living a blessed life! 🙂

    • Believe me, I understand it’s a big decision 🙂 This is just a guide for anyone who feels ready to take the plunge. Wait for when/if you really decide that you want to, their your nails you have to feel comfortable with them NLx

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  3. I recently had my nails in a square shape but I looked up some tutorials and I saw this woman that had almond shaped nail and I completely fell in love with it!😍 I’m so going to try this shape on my nails!

  4. Ugh I’m still torn between my square nails or almond! If I do my almond nail then I don’t want to go back to square and not be able to do it! Helppp!😬

    • Well, obvs I’m voting Almond lol I’m majorly bias 😛 You can always change back to square, the transition is quite easy if you decide to change your mind – just file down the pointed tip horizontally and they’ll look about 90% square. Over the next couple of weeks do a bit more filing when the sides start to grow in and your square’s will be back!

  5. Thanks, think I’ll try cuz my nails are kina sqaure kinda oval squoval so this would be great and then my nails are long do thanks a lot!!!!!

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