Triangle Tipped Nails

Hi! Hope you’ve had/ are having a good day!

Prickly Pear by Barry M is making another appearance on my nails but with a new look! Prickly Pear is a mega ( voice).  I mean, just perfection and especially right now it’s really hard to put it down!

Triangle Tipped Nails Nail Art

This design is a nod to this white nail art design I did.  Though I mixed everything up, from the vibrancy of the colours, to turning the triangles from the cuticles to the tips. I used New York Noir by Nails Inc for the Black and I must say it’s a great black to have! Lovely and opaque in just one coat and applies evenly with an average drying time.

Triangle Nail Art

The Gelly H Shines are beautiful, but aren’t the easiest when it comes to layering with nail art because of the thicker consistency.  I had to wait quite a lot longer than usual to keep it from smudging.   To break it up a bit, I did an asymetrical triangle on the thumb, but I wouldn’t really call it an accent nail. It’s not as gelly-tastic as it could be because I didn’t use the how to cheat a gel manicure method, I was using Prickly Pear more for its colour.   It has an almost unzipped feel, what do you think?


Introducing #NailLuxxeAdvice

If you didn’t know, I’m on Twitter (come and say Hi!”) and I’ve now set up #NailLuxxeAdvice for you to ask me any nail polish dilemmas you may have.

Don’t know if you should break your no-buy, tweet me. Not sure which colour to wear, tweet me.  Don’t know what’s causing the bubbles in your manicure, tweet me.  Mark ANY and ALL nail polish dilemmas with the tag #NailLuxxeAdvice and you’ll get an equally polish obsessed, understanding and hopefully helpful reply from yours truly 😀

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